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Rekindle the spark in your married life this Valentine’s Day

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Celebration of Love cannot be restricted to a day or two, rather its something to be rejoiced every single moment of each passing day. Marriage, which many believe to be an end of love & romance life, can actually be an exciting start to a new phase rendering a different meaning to love all together. Valentine’s Day or rather Valentine’s week which usually runs an excitement within the couples in relationship, can be a great time for married couples to re-emphasize on the love that prevails but tends to get lost amidst the various other responsibilities and commitments of marriage.

Why not kindle the spark of romance with your spouse this Valentine’s week? After all, you are each other’s favorite person to spend time with. This year, make sure to plan the entire Valentine’s week day by day with your most loved life-partner.

7th Feb: Rose Day

Surely you would have gifted rose to your spouse many times till now, but starting your day with a rose along with a cute love message is sure to bring in a sparkling smile on your partner’s face. Just a recall of this will make him/her smile throughout the day.

8th Feb: Propose Day

The idea of proposing your partner once again might sound to be a bit weird if you are already married. But believe me, proposing your partner afresh to be a friend, a lover and a companion for life, will sprout the feeling of freshness to your relationship. Your partner will certainly fall in love with you once again.

9th Feb: Chocolate Day

Who doesn’t like chocolates? And that too when it comes as a lovely surprise from your life-partner! Yes, even a small chocolate as a gesture of love is good enough to make your partner realize that you still care.

10th Feb: Teddy Day

Gifting a teddy bear is just the perfect way to express your love for your life-partner. Being married, a cute pair of hugging teddies forms a perfect gift. You may also choose to gift a cushion with teddy on it. After all it is not the gift and its value that matters but the feelings of the one who gifts it.

11th Feb: Promise Day

Promise to be together, promise to stand by each other in all circumstances, promise to love each other unconditionally forever, is all that a marriage requires. Recapitulating it over again and again will just make the bond stronger. Don’t forget the revisit the promises you made to each other on your wedding day.

12th Feb: Hug Day

Hugs are never enough! Its not just a simple act to holding each other closely but embraces within a deep message that “I am there for you. I care for you. I love You – today and forever”. It makes the receiver feel confident & secure about the relationship. You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap the one you love in a Hug. Do it.
13th Feb: Kiss Day

Kiss in itself symbolizes love and affection. Though you may have your own favorite way of kissing, this day why not start your day with a kiss that exhibits the purest form of love and respect for each other – a kiss on your partner’s forehead. There is something really sensual about a forehead kiss. It gives a feeling of love, comfort, care and respect and assurance of being the most special person in the world.

14th Feb: Valentine’s Day

After the entire week of making your life-partner feel special about your relationship, its finally the Valentine’s Day. Let this be a day for the two of you. Rather than sticking to the clichés associated with Valentine’s day, try to spend as much time together as possible and do the stuffs that you enjoy doing as a couple. You share a unique relationship, a unique bond with each other, celebrate the uniqueness, celebrate your love, celebrate your relationship as a couple!

Significance of Solah Shringaar

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Solah Shringar is said to enhance the beauty of the Indian bride during matrimony. The number 16 (Solah) is supposed to correspond to the various phases of the moon and Shringar is derived from ‘Shri’, Lakshmi. Matrimonial sites are now focusing on educating the modern woman about ancient traditions and embrace them.

1. Bindi:

It is the coloured red dot that women wear at the centre of their forehead; said to symbolise the elusive third eye-for wisdom, luck and prosperity.

2. Sindoor:

A red-coloured powder (usually kumkum) applied on the parting of the hair, considered auspicious for the well-being of her Indian groom.

3. Maang Tika:

The first piece of jewellery that goes on the Indian bride’s body, applied to the parting of the hair with a chain attached to the hair.

4. Kajal or Anjana:

A black dye preparation, generally applied to the eyes, said to protect and provide a cooling effect, accentuate the shape and beauty of her eyes and make it more alluring.

5. Nath:

Nath is worn through the left nostril by the bride on wedding and other auspicious occasions, sometimes with a chain that extends behind the left ear.

6. Karn Phool:

This is a must in an Indian bride’s matrimonial attire. Earrings usually elaborate, comes as a set with the bridal necklace.

7. Haar:

The Haar is to be worn around the neck, could be Sita-Haar, Choker. The most traditional haar is the mangalsutra, given by the husband on the matrimonial day and made of black beads.

8. Mehendi:

Applied to decorate the hands and feet of the Indian bride. The richness of the colour symbolizes luck, prosperity and fertility and provides a soothing effect on the skin.

9. Bajubandh:

The bajuband is an ornament to be worn on the upper arms, to have a slenderising effect on the arms.

10. Bangles:

Bangles are to be worn in forearms by the bride and come in variety of shapes and designs and materials.

11. Aarsi and Haathful:

Haathful comprises of four or five rings worn on the arm fingers with chains attaching them to a bracelet. Aarsi is a traditional thumb ring studded with a mirror, to allow the bride catch a glimpse of her groom in it.

12. Kamarbandh:

A gold or silver belt meant for the bride to wear around her waist. Traditionally, this was an ornament to secure the saree and emphasise the slenderness of her waist.

13. Payals:

Chains worn around the ankles, could be a simple or elaborate, may have a bunch of chiming beads attached. Wearing gold on feet is considered to be inauspicious, payals are made of silver.

14. Bichhua:

This is mostly worn on the second toe of the left feet, said to enhance fertility in married women and made of silver.

15. Fragrance/Sugandh:

Applied to the bride to smell pleasant throughout the wedding ritual, meant to soothe her nerves.

16. Keshapasharachana:

Traditionally, the hair bun is adorned with fresh, fragrant flowers along with other hair adornments, preferable gold.

How to impress an Aries Indian Bride

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Aries, is a fire sign, ruled by the war God Mars, symbolised by iron as the ruling metal and diamond as the birthstone! For the  Indian groom out there, wanting to join with this woman in holy matrimony, some food for thought! Not many matrimonial sites  will help you get an insight, so here goes – fire is heat, energy and purifier, Mars fights evil, Iron is tough and pure and so is diamond.

If the above is metaphorically translated, the Indian bride born under this sign, is strong-headed, energetic, stands up against injustice, frank and pure at heart. So, to understand her, handle her and forge an ever-lasting relationship, you need to:

1. Respect her as an equal, her interests (even if they don’t match yours), respect her personal space and in turn WIN her respect; never demand it.

Aries is a sign of pride, which many mistake as ego. Therefore, before anything else, she values respect as to her that is synonymous with pride. She believes where there is no mutual respect, there cannot be foundation of a relationship. She respects a man who can firmly but politely reason with her, counter her impulsiveness with calm logic, be a patient listener, be empathic to her point of view and negotiate disagreements. If you can logically prove her wrong, you have not only cleared the disagreement but won over heart.

2. Be frank and open conversationalist.  Being frank and open herself, she appreciates this quality, will value the trust you place in her, will help understand and try help you solve your problems and will be happy to share her thoughts and her life problems with you. She enjoys a positive give and take relationship on an emotional and spiritual level.

3. Ensure never to give her any reason to be jealous or suspicious. Aries girl is fiercely protective of her near and dear ones. Give her any reason to be hurt or humiliated and chances are her warm feelings towards you will turn into cold anger, shutting you out. You, on the other hand, are not allowed to feel jealous. She trusts you completely and she expects the same in return.

4. She can be energetic at times and quite lazy at others when her fire burns out. Understand that, give her space (Aries woman requires plenty of space) and let her recharge her batteries; when she comes back all recharged, be prepared to handle the fire and energy!

5. Strike the fine balance of being a man and a gentleman – neither too rough nor too soft;

This strong-headed yet warm-hearted Indian bride will give her heart and soul to her matrimony, will ensure everything runs clockwork and balanced, family never lacks fairness, warmth, love, care, will be fiercely loyal, supportive and protective of you, will not tolerate injustice, frank in her opinion (which may cut but will always be the truth that eventually brings the best out of you).

Fears that surround couples before marriage

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For any young girl or boy in marriageable age, the word “marriage” is sure to shower a beam of excitement. It is worth a mention here that this excitement is most of the times accompanied by an unexplained fear. The family, surroundings, social circle, individual state, personality and many more factors club together to craft an opinion about marriage and related extents. A positive environment develops an optimistic view about marriage whereas negative environment or some undesirable experiences develop a pessimistic view about marriage leading to fear factor.

The common fears that usually haunt a person before getting married revolve around either of the below:

Fear of unacceptance

Two strangers who have not even known each other till a few days back and now they are proceeding with a lifelong commitment to stand by each other in all ups and downs of life. The fear of your partner accepting you with all your good and not so good qualities is quite justified. Not only this, but there is another layer of acceptance that matters – acceptance by in-laws, which is again a big concern of fear.

Fear of partner cheating on you

Even when couples get to spend time with each other during the courtship period, still there is a probability for either of them not disclosing or revealing all the instances from their past. Any previous crush or affair that might have been a serious one or has a tendency to bloom into a serious one, might not be discussed openly. Such fears do haunt a soon to be married person.

Fear of marriage failure

Failure in marriage for any reasons whatsoever is the most devastating thing that can ever happen to a couple. Even when everything is going as per your expectations, still there remains an undefined fear of unexpected that can mar your happiness.

Fear of emulating marriage of a known family member (distance, fights, missing love & respect)

Being a witness to any adverse marital relationship in the known social circle is confirmed to act as a seedling to the fear of your marriage being an emulation of theirs. Though each couple is unique and every marriage is distinct from the rest, still the mind hovers around speculating a resemblance with others and giving rise to futile fear.

And the fear of the unknown (What will marriage be like? How will things shape up after marriage? and what not)

As a basic human tendency, we always tend to fear about what’s not known to us. Yes, the Fear of Unknown. For a person tying the nuptial bond, there is a whole lot of new world that’s about to open up post marriage. The new world, which is unique to every couple and no one can give you a clue about how things will shape up for you post marriage. Its like you need to jump in deep waters to taste it.

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Jab Pankaj Met Sonam: A Story of Two Different Worlds

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Jab Pankaj Met Sonam - LoveVivah Success Story

Pankaj is highly educated & working with an MNC in Pune. He is true foodie and his day starts with food and ends with food. He is smart, intelligent, good looking and still single. His whole family is worried about his marriage and they want him to settle down now as he is 30+ years old and for them too old for marriage. For them, it is tough to find a suitable match for him as in their community because of his age. He belongs to Jain community and for them 30+ years is the age where you don’t find a match within community easily. He is not much worried about marriage because he knew what he wants in life and his kind of partner and he is no mood to settle down with anyone rather preferred to wait for the right partner. Without telling his family, he registered with lovevivah.com, a matrimonial site.

Sonam is from a business family, beautiful, mature and introvert. For her, the world revolves around her books and music. She is a true book worm, who buys a new book every another day and try to eat it out within a day. Whereas, Pankaj is one who never likes to read even magazine, for him reading books is wastage of time and his whole world is about his gadgets and food. Sonam’s parents created her matrimonial profile with lovevivah.com to search an eligible life partner for her. They came across the profile of Pankaj, who was also registered with lovevivah.com. They sent an interest and waited for his response, as his profile appeared quite decent and he was meeting their expectations of perfect partner for their daughter. Pankaj accepted their interest and had small conversation with Sonam’s father. They asked him to share his father’s number with them, so that they can take this conversation to next level. He shared the number with hesitation because his family was not aware of that he had registered with any matrimonial website. He instructed them not to share this information, but tell their parents that their family friend told them about the proposal.

Next morning, her father called Pankaj’s father, as the phone rang Pankaj got nervous as he was not sure whether her father will handle the situation well or tell his parents that they found the number from matrimonial site.  His parents were not in favor of finding the life partner through matrimonial site as they believe that most of the profiles are fake. But, her father handled everything well and he took a sigh of relief. Pankaj’s father fixed the meeting for the coming Sunday and assured them to visit their home.

He was really excited because he liked the profile of Sonam and found her just perfect. A beautiful, simple, intelligent and homely girl, quite different from him and his extrovert nature. On Sunday morning everyone was quite excited because they were going to meet the would-be bride of Pankaj. They started for Sonam’s place around 11.A.M in the morning and it took around 1 hour to reach her place. All the way he was busy in thinking about her.

They knocked the door, Sonam’s younger brother opened the door and welcomed them. They served them snacks and juices like typical Indian marriage set up. Pankaj had many times gone through this, but this time he was feeling butterflies in his stomach and a kind of sensation, which he never experienced earlier. They called Sonam in the room. They introduced her with Pankaj and his family and asked them to spend some time together as typical parents to know each-other. Pankaj was excited because he very much liked her profile and she was no doubt looking more beautiful than her profile picture. For the first five minutes there was pin-drop silence. Then Pankaj, break the silence by asking her some common questions and then the conversation started. From the fumble of words to long healthy conversation within an hour, he feels some connection with her. Their parents asked for their decision, Pankaj said YES, but Sonam as her nature asked for some time to think over the same. One week passed no reply from their end. Pankaj got anxious and nervous. He asked her mother to make a call, she said we were the one who called them for everything, so if they are interested they will themselves make a call to tell their decision. Pankaj dropped a message at Sonam’s Lovevivah matrimonial profile with expectation of a reply. This time, it was Sonam who as online not her father. He asked about her decision, she replied that she was still not very sure and wants to meet him alone once again. He said it is fine with him just let him know the place and time, so that they can meet once again. She asked him to come to a nearby restaurant, but without telling this to their parents.

On Sunday, they met in a restaurant, where they talked more than two hours and shared a lot of things about their interest, hobbies, liking and what are their expectations from each-other as life partner. Sonam, this time found Pankaj very honest and down-to-earth guy, who is very focused and sure about what he wants in life. Whereas Pankaj found Sonam, exactly what he thought about her, simple and very caring. This time, Sonam had no confusion regarding her future and about Pankaj, found him perfect. Pankaj dropped her near her home and before leaving asked what she thought about him and their relationship. She said, you will get a call from Papa. Now, he knew the answer and was happy about his decision of meeting her once again.

The moment he reached home, her mother told him that they got a call from Sonam’s parents. They mutually fixed a date for marriage. Now, Sonam and Pankaj are happily married and Pankaj thanked Lovevivah for making his search journey easy. He was sure that he will meet the girl he was looking for and Lovevivah realized his dream of meeting the perfect partner without any barrier of age, religion, education and family background.

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