General Queries

Can I register for Free?

Yes, if you are above the age of 18 years, then you can register at Lovevivah for free. Basic registration is free for all.

How can I change my Date of Birth?

You cannot change your ‘Date of Birth’ once you get registered. Lovevivah.com records your Date of Birth, Phone and Email ID as your unique identity.

Where can I update my ID proof?

You can easily update your ID proof and other required documents at Lovevivah.com. First login to your profile and move your cursor on ‘Share’, click on ‘Document Verification’ in the dropdown list and update your documents in this section.

Why is it important to update Aadhaar card and other identity documents?

It is mandatory to update your Aadhaar card or other documents to verify your identity with the Lovevivah.com. Registration of the profile can’t be completed until you don’t provide any identity documents to LoveVivah.com.

How do I contact customer support?

Click on support@lovevivah.com on top right corner to contact & give feedback to customer support. You can also call us on +91-7827948215 (India) to get your queries resolved with the help of our customer support.

Do you provide any friendship or dating services?

No, we don’t provide any friendship or dating services. Lovevivah.com only provides matrimonial related services to its registered users, who are really genuine and serious about commitments and marriage.

Why I am not getting the desired matches?

Please change your ‘Partner Preference’ filters in the search form to get the desired results. Please ensure that your search criteria are not too narrow or restricted.

Why I am not getting any mail from LoveVivah.com?

You may have unsubscribed the mails from our mailer services, or marked to move these mails in Spam or Junk folder of your inbox. Please check your email setting to ensure mail delivery in your inbox only.

Can I choose my own ID for the profile?

No. You cannot do this manually as every Lovevivah ID is unique and generated by system only.

How can I add my success story?

If your marriage has been arranged with the help of Lovevivah and you want to share your story with others, then you just need to once again login to your account, click on the profile icon, select success story in the drop down list and write your story in your own words. Please don’t forget to add your marriage photographs with your story.

Registration Process

How can I register on LoveVivah.com?

It is really simple to register with LoveVivah.com. If you are more than 18 years, then you can register with us . Fill in some basic details mentioned in the form and complete your registration. Email id and mobile number are mandatory to register on Lovevivah.

Can I create a profile on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can easily create a profile for others as well, e.g. for your brother, sister, daughter, son, etc. However, the process will remain same as you need to fill in some basic details in the registration form to create the profile.

Do I need an email id to create a profile?

Yes, to create a new profile you are required to register with a valid email id. That email id needs to be unique and you cannot use it to create or update another profile.

Is it important to share my mobile number?

Yes, mobile number is important for verification of the profile. While creating the profile you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Your mobile number will remain confidential.

Can I use same mobile number for creating another profile?

No, you cannot use same mobile number for creating another profile. While creating a new profile your mobile number should be unique.

How soon others can view my profile at LoveVivah.com?

All profiles that are registered with us will be made searchable post the screening process. In this screening process, we validate your profile on various parameters such as content, photographs, email, phone number, Aadhaar Card information and other documents, other information you have updated with us.

Can I change my phone number and email Id after registration?

No, you can’t change your phone number and email id after registration. We create unique profile IDs based on your phone number and email Id.

If I am not able to verify my mobile number, what should I do?

If you are not able to verify your mobile number, in that situation you can contact live chat (Mon-Friday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM & Saturday: 10:00 AM to 3PM.) to resolve the issue. You can contact our customer support team at our registered phone number +91-7827948215 (India).

Profile & Photo

How can I create a complete profile?

You can easily complete your profile by following all the steps mentioned in the registration process and provide all related information. Also, add photographs, videos and other important information while creating your profile. To complete your profile, you are required to update some important documents such as Aadhaar Card details, PAN card details and other information.

How many pictures can be uploaded and what should be the specifications?

You can add maximum 20 photographs to your profile. The minimum image size should be 200X200 and the maximum size of the image is 4 MB.

How can I protect my photographs?

You can protect your photographs by making small changes in your account settings. You can protect your photographs by clicking on the Photo Protected button in the’ General Setting Section’. Once you activate this setting, all your photographs will be locked and cannot be viewed by others without your permission.

How to delete my photographs?

You can delete you photograph by visiting the Upload Photograph Section. Here, you are supposed to click on the ‘Delete’ icon, which you can view on your image itself once you move your cursor on it, click on the icon and delete your image.

How to generate a horoscope?

You can easily generate a horoscope by updating your information like date, time and place of birth in the horoscope section.

Is there any other way to create or update horoscope?

No, there is no other way to add, create or update horoscope on your profile. You can generate your horoscope instantly by adding important and required information in the horoscope section.

How long will my horoscope be visible on my profile?

There is no time limitation for visibility of horoscope. It will be visible on your profile for unlimited period.

How to hide horoscope?

Yes, you can hide your horoscope from others. You can make a small change in your profile setting by clicking on the button and change your setting to ‘Visible only to accepted members’.

Is the service available for all members?

Yes, the service is available for all members. But, to view other’s horoscope you need to be a paid member.

What is a trust meter?

Trust meter is a credibility score of your profile. Your profile is judged on various parameters such as your Aadhaar card authentication, or PAN number verification, authentication of your photographs and other important information. Higher trust score gives higher authenticity to your profile.

How can I modify my profile?

You can easily modify and make changes in your profile by logging in. Click on the ‘General Setting’ button to make the desired changes in the profile.

How to delete my profile?

You can delete your profile by clicking on the delete button. Your profile will be deleted once our customer support will contact and get your consent over it.

Login Help

How can I login and logout from LoveVivah.com?

To login to LoveVivah.com you need to click on the login button available at the top right corner. Please enter your registered email id and password in the boxes to login to LoveVivah account. To logout from your account you need to click on the thumbnail icon and when you see a dropdown box select ‘Logout’ and logout from the profile.

If I forgot my password, how can I reset my password?

It is easy to reset your password. Please click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link available on the login page and enter your registered email id. An email with new password will be sent to your registered email id.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password any time you want. Please click on the thumbnail icon and when you see a dropdown box select ‘Change Password’. Please enter your old password and new password in the given boxes to change your password.

Contact Members

How can I express my interest to the desired profiles?

You can easily send invitation to the members you have shortlisted. You can send the invitation by clicking on the send invitation button. You can also view the total number of invitation you have sent.

Is there any limit to send invitations?

There is no limit to send invitations to registered users in a day/week/month/year.

How can I view contact details of other registered members?

To view the contact details of other registered members you need to be a paid member. With free membership you cannot view it.

How I would know that someone has declined or accepted my interest?

You will receive an email in your registered email id if someone will accept or decline your interest. The same information will be updated in your profile as well.

How do I chat with other members?

You can initiate chat only if you are a paid member. If you are already a paid member in that case, first you need to send a chat invite to the other member. Once he/she will accept your invitation then only you can start chatting.

How can I block any member?

You can any time block any member if you don’t want to keep him/her in your list. You can simply click on the block button from the Chat/Message option and block the undesired members.

Search Profiles and Getting Responses

How can I search profiles?

You can search profiles by using our customized search option. Here, you can search profiles by using three modes: Quick search, Advance search and Search by Id.

Quick search - It is a basic search option where you are supposed to fill in all the details mention in the form and get the search results based on your criteria.

Advance search - This is an advance option to search bride and groom. You are supposed to fill in all the details in the given boxes to get more specific search results.

Search by Id - If you know the profile id of the user you want to view, you can use “Search by ID” to get the exact result.

How can I set my ‘Partner Preference’ in my profile?

You can set the criteria in the ‘Partner Preference’ page by filling all the required information about your desired partner. You will get the search results based on filled criteria.

Do I receive any alerts regarding partner matches?

Yes, you will receive alerts and mails on your registered email id regarding partner matches. The system will send you most recommended matches based on your partner preferences. Please ensure that these mailers are not going in junk/spam mails folder in your inbox.

How can I improve my responses?

To receive better and authentic responses you should complete your profile and try to complete your registration form by providing 100% details. Higher trust score and completion level will increase the genuineness of your profile.

Can I save search criteria?

No. You cannot save your search criteria in your profile. Every time when you want to search, you can use any of the three available search options to find your preferred partner. But, your last search history will be saved in the profile.

Paid & Personal service

What are the paid services?

Paid services are special services, which will help to upgrade your profile. You can choose any of the available paid service based on your requirements. LoveVivah.com offers you customized services based on your requirements.

How can I upgrade my membership from free to paid membership?

You can easily upgrade your free profile into paid profile by clicking on the button ‘Upgrade to Connect’. Here, you can select any paid package that suits your needs and making payments via Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT Payment or Cheque.

What is the minimum and maximum duration for paid membership?

The minimum duration for paid membership is for three month only, whereas the maximum duration is for 12 months.

What are the different online & personal services available for paid members?

LoveVivah.com offers special online and personal services to the paid members. In personalized & online services you will get different advantages such as:

    Personalized Services

  • Handpicked selective profiles- 4 per week
  • Profile listing on Top in search pages
  • Initiate Chat with selected users as paid user
  • View contact details of other profiles
  • Special assistance from a Relationship Manager
  • Specific proposals based on your partner preferences
  • Weekly discussion with LoveVivah Expert Manager
  • Direct introduction via Email or Call with profiles
  • Scheduling meeting, follow ups with shortlisted profiles

    Online Services

  • View phone number
  • Initiate chat
  • Contact members
  • Send/receive interest
  • Manage your profile
  • Update your photos
  • Receive notifications & messages
  • Auto photo match twice in week via email

How many contacts I can view as paid member?

You can view a maximum of 75 contacts in three month subscription & 300 contacts in 12 month subscription.

Improve Search Results!

Once you have registered and filled all relevant information to complete your profile including family details, about-self and partner preferences, you can start searching profiles. To improve your search and get more relevant results while you are searching, share as much information as possible. Don’t leave any field blank or unattended. It will help us to show more specific search results based on your own details & partner preference. You can reset your preferences by editing your profile if you are not getting the desired results.

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