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5 Things About Marriage That You Didn’t Learn at School

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Your education might have prepared you for a lot of things that you may have to face in life from getting a job to building a career and even performing first aid, but what school cannot teach is the reality behind a  matrimony. You will never realize what marriage is unless you get into one, and by the time you realize it, it is probably too late. Well, fret not, because we have here for you some authentic facts about marriage. Try going through them before you start creating profiles on various matrimonial sites.

1.  Marriage is not about your happiness; it is about your partner’s as well.

The sooner you realize this fact, the better because the last thing you want to do in a marriage is to put yourself first. In a marriage, it should also be we, and never I, otherwise you may not call marriage a partnership at all. So, whatever you do, make sure that both you and your partner gain happiness because of your actions.

2. Love is not just a feeling; love is about commitment.

Once you are in a marriage, you should be in for the long haul. It may seem such an easy thing at the start of the marriage, but as time goes on you will come across situations that test your patience and commitment to your marriage. The key is not to give up because if you love your partner; you won’t.

3. “Opposites attract” may not turn out to be true after all

When you are going through the courtship phase, you may find yourself attracted to a person because they are the complete opposite of you, but once you get married to the person, the same reason you fell in love with the person for may turn out to be the reason for your marriage turning sour. Of course, that does not have to be the case if you and your partner learn to compromise and embrace each other for who you are.

4. It is okay to make mistakes, but making the same mistake twice is not acceptable.

It is second nature for any human being to mess up; no one can be perfect all the time. What matters is whether you learn from your mistakes or not, because if you don’t, the chances are that your spouse has had enough of your shenanigans. And that is a situation in which you do not want to be in ever.

5. Try what you may, you will never get to know your partner perfectly

This is especially true in the case of Indian Brides and Grooms as they normally do not get the chance to know their partner very well before they get married. It is impossible for one person to get to know every possible thing about another person. You are going to keep discovering new things about your partner every other day, for as long as you are together. So, just do not get surprised when something unexpected crops up, try to be calm and deal with the situation in a sensible manner.

Want to make your marriage a happy one? Become best friends with your partner

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A matrimony is much more than the uttering of a few vows or putting a ring on your fingers or tying a Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. All those are just rituals, and just because you perform the rituals in the right manner does not mean that you are going to have a happy marriage. Indian Brides and Grooms go through the process of an arranged marriage, and in such a marriage, often there is little or no time at all to get to know your partner before you are already married to them, and getting to know your partner is vital to any successful marriage. Not only getting to know your partner but becoming friends with friends with is also important. The question is, why?

Well, mostly because you are going to spend the rest of your life with this one person, they are going to be there for all the big happy events in your life and most importantly, the smaller ones too. Life is what it is, and therefore you are bound to go through a lot of not so happy moments as well, so basically your partner is going to be there for it all.

Now, think about this would you rather spend all these moments of your life with your best friend or a person about whom you don’t know much at all? Obviously, you would love it if it was your friend that was by your side, anyone would. And that is why it is so essential for you to get to know your partner better, and build a relationship with them. When you try to build a friendship, there is a good chance that eventually the person you are married to and your best friend will turn out to be the same person, it does sound amazing does it not?

So, how to go from being acquaintances to best friends? It is not simply going to be easy since you are also married, right? Well, not exactly. The key to forming a great friendship with your spouse is treating your relationship with them like you would treat any budding friendship. Try getting to know their interests, their likes and dislikes, their dreams and everything else there is to know about them. Although, you have to be prepared to know things that you may not necessarily like about them or things that you wish were different. And when you encounter such things, do what you would do if it was any other friendship – let it go. Embrace them for who they are, and in turn, you would see your spouse doing the same.

By becoming best friends with your spouse, you will be in a marriage where you know everything about each other, all the good things and the bad, and most importantly, you would both be enjoying each other’s company. If that is the case, how can it not be a happy marriage? So, get on with browsing through matrimonial sites now, you never know, you may find a new best friend while searching for a life partner.

Make your Matrimonial Profile Impressive with stunning Photos

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With Online Matrimonial Sites gaining popularity as a medium to search for a life-partner it becomes all the more important to understand that what all goes in to create an impressive Matrimonial profile. Of course it is important to have a strong profile to attract other; strong in terms of career, education, family background and much more, but still the importance of looks cannot be neglected. As the famous saying goes – “first impression is the last impression”, on a matrimonial site your picture plays the role of creating that first impression. It is quite natural to be attracted towards a good looking profile even before going through other details. And once other profile details are also captivating then the one who has been able to create a good first impression wins over.

Hence, we suggest adding as many nice pictures as possible to your LoveVivah profile. In an endeavor to create an easy and seamless photo uploading experience, we have added a feature on LoveVivah to upload photos directly through your Facebook account. Isn’t that interesting! Now you don’t have to search for photos from all over places to upload, rather you can simply login to your Facebook account and select the photos that best reflect your personality.

Upload Photos Directly from Facebook 

fb1Select Photos You Want to Show Others 

fb2Here are a few things to keep in mind while uploading images for a matrimonial profile.

Add several Photographs and let them be your words

Usually people restrict to one or two photographs when adding to their Matrimonial profile. Do not restrict yourself; add as many photos as you can, of course in different settings and backgrounds.it could be a combination of pics from in your office, house, a vacation place in different attires like formal, Indian, Western etc.  Try to avoid studio photographs if possible.

Let your Photographs reflect your personality

It is usually seen that people first check the photographs of other matrimony users and then move on to see rest of the details. Try to share the photographs that are reflection of your true personality. This will help others take a better informed decision when shortlisting. Photographs with smiling face are preferred over the serious ones but if that’s how you are, do not pretend otherwise through your photos.

Do not touch up the photographs

Marriage is about accepting each other as they are. And hence the purpose of photos on a matrimonial profile is to let others know you better, the way you actually look like. So stay away from image modification softwares and share the original photos only, without any touch ups.

12 Signs you know you’ve found your Perfect Match

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Marriages are made in heaven, they say, but love is grown and cherished on this planet. Love happens while we are busy making other plans. In a spur of moments, our life changes and we experience something blissful, something pure, and something selfless. Even love comes with its signs and symptoms, check for yourself if you are in the barometer or not.

1. When he/she understands you without your explanations
Sometimes even when words fail, facial expressions give it away. The person you intend to spend your life with should trust you and to make you understand that this relationship work wonders. Your search for the perfect match would definitely end at the matrimonial sites over the Internet. 

2. When he/she is the first person you think of every morning and every night
Those soft words, cuddles, and long talks day and night tickle your love buds, causing you fall for the person harder. No morning or night feel complete without them or their presence.

3. When you don’t hide any secrets
Your every minor intricate detail would be shared with your better half just so they don’t miss out on any part of your life. Where every minute thing is shared, love blossoms making the two grow closer to each other.

4. When you share your personal space willingly
You find no need to separate your space with your loved one as you consider him/her as a part of your life. Your inner sanctum includes your love as well, making your picture complete and perfect.

5. When you are respected by him/her
Your lifestyle, thoughts, and views are keenly observed and accepted by your perfect match. You find easy to talk your mind without being judged. For those still on their search of a perfect match, go to the Indian Matrimonial sites and end your search.

6. When your decisions matter to him/her
Those smallest words uttered by you are comprehended, thought about, and analyzed to be implemented. You are treated as an equal by appreciating your decisions, even on trivial issues.

7. When he/she does the things they dislike, only for you
Your choices matter to him/her and even if they don’t like or love it, they try it to see you happy. All the weird things are done just to see you smile. Find those alike, yet different people on the matrimonial sites.

8. When he/she ask for your day
Even after a rough day, he/she ask for your schedule and mood of the day and do everything possible thing to lighten it up.

9. When little sacrifices don’t matter for some quality time
Your favorite movie is in theatres and your better half doesn’t like watching movies, then you prefer time spent not your indulgences. And same from the other side.

10. When he/she takes small efforts to make you smile
Your days of turmoil and uneasiness are not spent alone, you always have unwavering support from the other end. He/she tries every possible thing to make you feel good about yourself as he/she cannot see you sad. The same goes for the other half.

11. When he/she makes you feel special
No specific occasion is required for him/her to make you feel wanted. They make the most of every moment to let you enjoy this beautiful life in a simple yet lovely way. Search your special one online through the best matrimonial sites. You never know you might the right Indian bride or groom for yourself.

12. When he/she says sorry irrespective of anyone’s fault
They apologize for the betterment of the relationship and for its proper functioning. They never seek to contemplate the wrongs of their relationships, they maintain a healthy balance amidst the chaos.

5 Tips to Build Strong Bond during Courtship Period

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Indian matrimonial industry has evolved immensely over the last few decades. The way marriages were arranged and organized has changed a lot. Earlier the sole responsibility of fixing the matches used to be of the family and close relatives or middlemen but with changing times and rise in number of nuclear families, even the thought process has seen a shift. People have started to take help of the online matrimonial sites to search for life partner for their kith and kin.

Not just the means to search life partner but also the time given to the couple after finalization till marriage has seen a drastic change. Earlier the time lag between the finalization and the wedding used to be very short and even in that short duration, the girl and the boy were not encouraged to be in touch with each other. But now-a-days there is usually a decent enough time span between the finalization and wedding, and the would-be couple is encouraged to interact with each other to understand each other better. This period, commonly known as courtship period, can be utilized effectively by the couples to their advantage and build a strong bond even before marriage.

Here are a few things that you must be doing while in your courtship period to build a strong base to your marriage:

Spend quality time together

Try to spend as much time as possible with each other. Understand each other’s preferences, non-preferences, likes, dislikes, priorities etc. This will help you prepare for the time when you would start staying together under one roof as husband & wife.

Get familiar with new family

Use this period to know about your new family and their expectations from you. Getting connected with them before marriage will ease your process of settling down post marriage. Get a little accustomed to their lifestyle, routines, rituals etc. to be able to adjust with them seamlessly post marriage.

Plan your wedding event

For sure, you both would be equally excited for your wedding day. Since it will be a special day for you two, hence it makes much sense to plan for it together. You both would have a certain set of expectations for the day, and sharing these with one another will ensure that you both complement each other’s expectations.

Discuss about Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a phase that you would not like to miss upon. It is always a good idea to choose a place that you both have a liking for. Deciding on a place that you both like, will ensure that you both enjoy your honeymoon period to the fullest. Also, it will create the best memories of your life. Also, you can plan together on what all activities you would like to do while on honeymoon.

Plan Your Future

Though you might think it to be little early for such a discussion, but it’s good to discuss and plan about your future goals. This will give your partner enough time to adjust and settle accordingly and this goes for both the boy and the girl. This could include discussions about career, family planning and many more.