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5 Tips to Build Strong Bond during Courtship Period

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Indian matrimonial industry has evolved immensely over the last few decades. The way marriages were arranged and organized has changed a lot. Earlier the sole responsibility of fixing the matches used to be of the family and close relatives or middlemen but with changing times and rise in number of nuclear families, even the thought process has seen a shift. People have started to take help of the online matrimonial sites to search for life partner for their kith and kin.

Not just the means to search life partner but also the time given to the couple after finalization till marriage has seen a drastic change. Earlier the time lag between the finalization and the wedding used to be very short and even in that short duration, the girl and the boy were not encouraged to be in touch with each other. But now-a-days there is usually a decent enough time span between the finalization and wedding, and the would-be couple is encouraged to interact with each other to understand each other better. This period, commonly known as courtship period, can be utilized effectively by the couples to their advantage and build a strong bond even before marriage.

Here are a few things that you must be doing while in your courtship period to build a strong base to your marriage:

Spend quality time together

Try to spend as much time as possible with each other. Understand each other’s preferences, non-preferences, likes, dislikes, priorities etc. This will help you prepare for the time when you would start staying together under one roof as husband & wife.

Get familiar with new family

Use this period to know about your new family and their expectations from you. Getting connected with them before marriage will ease your process of settling down post marriage. Get a little accustomed to their lifestyle, routines, rituals etc. to be able to adjust with them seamlessly post marriage.

Plan your wedding event

For sure, you both would be equally excited for your wedding day. Since it will be a special day for you two, hence it makes much sense to plan for it together. You both would have a certain set of expectations for the day, and sharing these with one another will ensure that you both complement each other’s expectations.

Discuss about Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a phase that you would not like to miss upon. It is always a good idea to choose a place that you both have a liking for. Deciding on a place that you both like, will ensure that you both enjoy your honeymoon period to the fullest. Also, it will create the best memories of your life. Also, you can plan together on what all activities you would like to do while on honeymoon.

Plan Your Future

Though you might think it to be little early for such a discussion, but it’s good to discuss and plan about your future goals. This will give your partner enough time to adjust and settle accordingly and this goes for both the boy and the girl. This could include discussions about career, family planning and many more.

5 Tips – How to create a perfect relationship with your partner?

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As we all know learning how to build a loving relationship is an art with a sprinkle of science in it. But nowadays with the hustle and bustle of life, we often take our relationship for granted and forget that it is really important to take efforts to make any relationship work. Times have changed and the way we see relationships have changed as well, below we have cracked the code of love by using these 5 tips:

1. Love doesn’t just happen to you.

Just like chasing your dreams, the first step to finding love is going out of your comfort zone and reaching out to someone. If dating sites aren’t your thing and matrimony is something you seek, you can register on some of the trusted matrimonial sites. You can sign up on Lovevivah.com, which is India’s 1st matrimonial site that offers Aadhaar linked profiles. If you are looking for Tamil matrimony, kannada  matrimony, Telugu matrimony etc, then visiting this website can be a best bet for you.  You will never know, you might come across your soul mate who will share a lifetime relationship with you.

2. Creating a safe space without fear.

Learn to stop interrupting and also to fight fairly while you’re at it. Don’t make threats and there is absolutely no space for name calling. Apologize when you know you should and walk away, breathe and calm down if you can’t. It is crucial to create a safe space for yourself and your partner where you can trust each other. Just remember that trust is the foundation of all relationships. And any relationship can only survive when it is filled with love, trust and compassion.

3. Reflect on the interactions

Understanding how your partner reacts when he or she is upset, if he or she makes an effort to talk about the issues or push it away, is key to a better relationship. Make sure to have a heart to heart with your partner about what you can do that will make them feel better. If you will keep ignoring the matters that are creating problems in your relationship, then you will only make things worse for both of you. It is always best to talk and sort out things then and there to avoid problems in the future.

 4. Relish the quirks and differences.

You don’t need a relationship where your partner shares all of your views and interests as honestly that can get a little boring! Your differences in music taste in food preferences is exactly what will keep the fire burning in the relationship.  Yes, this is another crucial factor that you both need to understand to make your relationship lasting forever.

5. Honor your connection with small rituals.

It can be something as small as a special kiss before you leave in the morning to starting the day together over a mug of coffee after you wake up. This time you spend with your partner is sacred, there should be no distractions in the form of social media notifications or work related issues. Use your time well to grow the love and bond you share with your partner.

Matrimonial Sites – Combining the merits of Arranged and Love marriage

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There she stood, well dressed in traditional Indian attire with a forged smile of her face, with a hope that this boy and his parents would probably ‘choose’ her as a perfect girl for their family. Yes, it was the fifth time that she was meeting someone, as if she were an object up for sale and people would come, meet her, talk to her, ask some typical type of questions and finally give in their response as a rejection for some reason or the other.

This is not something uncommon in any arranged marriage scenario. Most of the girls would go through such series of events which are quite disheartening and daunting for the girl at least. But that is how searching a life partner for perfect marriage is supposed to be in our society; Irrespective of the ordeal that a girl goes through in the entire search process.

Love marriages on the other hand are a strict ‘No’ in most of the segments of the society, with all its pros and cons. Even though it saves both the girl and the boy from the annoying process that involves meetings, discussions, rejections, heartbreak and more, but being contrary to the Indian culture, is not acceptable at large scale.

Life-Partner search on matrimonial sites combine the positives of both arranged marriage and love marriage. Here meetings & marriage finalization is fully approved by your parents/ family but you do not have to go through the process of meeting anyone and everyone as in case of a typical arranged marriage. Here you can search for profiles based on your requirements and only once you are fully satisfied & convinced with each other, that’s when you set up a meeting and hence reducing the chances of rejection to very minimal.

This is one of the key reasons for the gaining popularity of matrimonial sites, besides the other prominent known fact that nuclear families have less social contacts that could help them find a life-partner in their caste/ community. But still people are bit hesitant while using the matrimonial websites for searching a life-partner. There are certain grey areas which do refrain the users of online matrimony sites from using them fearlessly. Ability to create profile on Online Matrimony sites without any verification leads to creation of fake profiles, which in turns creates a fear to get cheated and hence provoke the users not to trust such matrimonial sites completely.

Matrimonial Website LoveVivah.com has been created with an objective to provide a genuine platform that is safe and secure for all, built on trust and authenticity of Aadhaar and government body UIDAI. LoveVivah not only brings in the best of technology and search algorithms, but also the trust and authenticity of the platform and the profiles with the help of Aadhaar integration.

How to Prescreen A Matrimonial Profile For A Safe Search?

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Do you understand the importance of prescreening a matrimonial profile? If you have already registered with a matrimonial website and looking for a life partner, then you must be experiencing this. Do you really find it confusing and difficult to prescreen a matrimonial profile? Before accepting and rejecting a matrimonial profile you should prescreen a matrimonial profile minutely. Look and consider all the aspects and qualities of the profile. Think about your expectations, then only accept or reject a profile. Choosing a life partner is very intimidating process, you came across end number of profiles and receive interests if you are registered with a matrimonial website. Therefore, it becomes compulsory to prescreen a profile to safeguard yourself. Here, we are sharing how you should prescreen a matrimonial profile.

Prescreening is important: Prescreening of all matrimonial profiles is very important. You should always go through the profile minutely. Consider each and every thing written on the profile. Compare everything written in the profile and try to find out whether the information is correct or not. Try to authenticate the information. But, if the profile is already verified, then there is nothing much to be worried about. If there is very minimum information provided in the profiles, in such a situation always cross check the things before accepting or rejecting the profile.

Shortlist profile: You must be receiving many interests on your matrimonial profile. If you have received 10 interests on your profile, there is no surety that all the profiles will meet your partner interest. There are chances that some of the profiles are not at all worthy to accept. Therefore, shortlisting a profile becomes more important.

Compare well with other profiles: Once you shortlist a profile, it becomes very important to compare the profile with other shortlisted profiles. Compare the qualities and negative points of each and every profile you have shortlisted. It will help furthermore shortlisting the profiles and reaching to a point where you are left with profile/s meeting your maximum partner expectations.

Consider your priorities: At the time of matrimonial profile screening process always consider your priorities. Think about your priorities and what are your expectations from your future partner? Are you looking for someone who is well-settled or who is highly qualified or both? You must be well-aware of your priorities. Always think about your priorities before you accept or reject any profile.

Always consider social status: Marriage is very much a social affair. You always look for a family that is well-settled and has good social image. No parents want to establish relationship with another family whose social status and image is not that good. Always consider the social status of the family as your priority as this the matter of your life.

Think for his/her achievement: Before you accept or reject a matrimonial profile always consider and compare the achievements of the individual. Always think about how well-established or settled he/she is professionally? What are his/her individual achievements? Is he/she capable of surviving in a nuclear family with the financial support of the family? Consider all these points and other things before you make your decision.

Have an online conversation before fixing meeting: If you are still confused and not sure whether you should accept or reject a profile, then it is better to have an online chat with the member. It will help in knowing the person better and understanding his/her thoughts. It is an easy and better way to clear your confusion and make your decision.

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Avoid These Mistakes on Your Online Matrimonial Profile

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If you are in a marriageable age and your family is looking for a bride/groom for you to get married then you must be going through a lot of pressure to settle down and marry someone. But, you want to marry someone who is really compatible to you and find him/her just perfect. But, for you meeting someone through traditional ways appears too complicated for you where you are supposed to meet someone for once and make your decision. For all those youngsters who are looking for a perfect match, but don’t want to follow the traditional ways of finding a life partner, matrimonial websites are a boon. To start your partner search through these matrimonial websites you need you have a stunning online matrimonial profile. Creating an online matrimony profile is not really difficult, rather you need to pay a little attention to a few things. Here, we are sharing some common mistakes you should avoid on matrimonial sites while creating matrimonial profile.

Never ignore your matrimonial biodata: A winning matrimonial biodata is really important for finding the perfect partner. While creating your online matrimony profile always write a good matrimonial biodata. In your biodata be descriptive, don’t give single liner information about self, family and other important things related to you. It is your chance to tell more about self. Your matrimonial profile is your face for rest of the world, the more you tell about self, the easier it will be for others to understand you and send you interest if they are meeting your partner expectations and vis-versa. So, don’t forget to update your matrimonial biodata on your online profile.

Don’t post flashy photos: This is another thing which you should avoid on matrimonial websites. This is something which you should always take care. A good profile can help in attracting more interest on your profile, but a flashy and bold photograph can turn others off. So, be cautious while updating any image on your matrimonial profile.

Don’t be confused with your expectations: Be sure about what you want in your life partner. Don’t ne in a freaky and confused mind while writing your partner preferences and expectation. Even don’t be too demanding, always remember that you are writing this profile for a life partner not for finding a robot or machine who knows everything. Don’t say something which will confuse others or they will think that you have written this because you are not serious. So, think well about your expectations before writing anything on matrimony website.

Sharing too much personal information: This is another thing that you should avoid on your matrimonial profile. Sharing important and necessary information on your profile is good, but sharing personal information like your bank balance, number of cars or flats you own or your past relationships might give people some negative impression. So, think before sharing such personal and important information on your matrimonial profile.

Too much self-praise: Most of the people tend to do this mistake on their matrimonial profile. While writing their matrimonial biodata or telling about self on these matrimonial sites they tend to write too much in self-praise. Sharing information about your profession, hobbies, your liking and disliking is good, but self-praise like, “My friends call me Greek God because of my looks”, or “ I am too intelligent and too beautiful.” Avoid such kind of words and statements where you will be exaggerating about you and your qualities to give other’s an impression that you are self-obsessed.

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