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“Key to win the confidence”: Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder & President, Lovevivah.com

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dainik-jagran-date-24-7-2017-pg-9-001An interview of Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal has been published in Dainik Jagran on 24th July, 2017. He has shared his success mantra and his journey so far. He also stated in the interview that there is no shortcut for success and you should give your 100% to achieve it.

How To Create An Awesome Matrimonial Profile?

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LoveVivah.com Matrimony Registration

Are you 27+ years old and all your friends and family members asking you to get married? Are you an IIT graduate or working in IT Company? Are you the one who has rejected many matrimonial alliances within the friends and family? Are you listening question like when will you get married? Will you ever select a girl/boy to get married? Does your family keeping you busy every weekend to meet a prospective bride or groom? In such a situation, you can look for some different route to find your true partner. Matrimonial website is solution for all your problems. You should register yourself with a good matrimonial website and find a better match. But, before you do so, it is important to know how to create a good matrimonial profile. Nowadays, when everything is digital, therefore, it becomes a necessity to create an awesome profile to find a perfect match. Here are some useful tips to create matrimonial profile.


Most of the registration forms are divided into two sections-Personal Information & Partner Preferences. You should pay attention while giving your personal information. It will play a crucial role attracting the prospective bride or groom and get interest from the prospective partner. Even writing about your partner preferences don’t quote unnecessary things. Here are some important things you should consider while writing your matrimonial profile.

While writing your personal information try to be grammatically correct and précis. Don’t flaunt yourself too much. Be honest while writing about you. Don’t give false information about yourself. Don’t oversell yourself by telling those qualities, which you actually don’t possess.


LoveVivah Basic Details Form


Don’t give wrong information about your family status, your parent’s financial status and occupation.

LoveVivah Family Details


Don’t give misleading information about your educational qualification & profession.

LoveVivah Educational Details


If you have shared the wrong details and at the time of personal meeting if the prospective bride/groom will ask you questions about your qualification and professional things, it will be an awkward situation for you and for that personal as well.


Showcase the best of you. A good image can create wonder. While updating any image in your profile pay attention to things like: Is this your latest image? Is that image good enough to be uploaded? Update your images in which you are at your best. But ensure that all images are relevant and recent too. Don’t update the images of pets, scenic views, building, etc.

LoveVivah Photo Uploads


Don’t write too high expectations while writing about your partner preferences. Don’t over write and underwrite your expectations, be balanced and justified.

LoveVivah Prefered Match


LoveVivah.com matrimony website provides free online registration for Indian brides and grooms looking for marriage partner. Join now for your matrimonial profile.


LoveVivah.com Launch Ceremony Attended by Bollywood Actress Amrita Rao & Political Dignitaries

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LoveVivah.com launch ceremony event

LoveVivah.com, a leading matrimonial matchmaking service provider in India, launched its new website on 18th November, 2016. LoveVivah.com is committed to provide the best matchmaking services to prospective brides and grooms. LoveVivah.com provides them trusted and genuine services that minimize the woes of matchmaking process.

The website launch ceremony was held at Hyatt Regency, Bhikaji Cama Palace and the event was graced by the presence of the stunning Diva and Bollywood’s Quintessential Actress, Ms. Amrita Rao, along with the other dignitaries including Mr. Subash Barala (President, BJP,Haryana), Dr. Hanif Qureshi (Police Commissioner, Faridabad), Mr. Y Puran Kumar (Joint Commissioner Police, Gurgaon) and Mr. Nihal Chand Meghwal (Member of Parliament).

This new avatar of LoveVivah.com is fully loaded with new features, better user interface and easy to manage and access. The new features of the website are expected to bring revolutionary changes in the matrimonial industry.  Besides, the website has taken care of authentication and security of the registered members. LoveVivah’s collaboration with UIDAI, the Unique Identification Authority of India, will benefit all people who are looking for life partner. This collaboration will help the website in ensuring the genuine registration and diminishing the chances of fake profile creation, as matrimony registration with Aadhaar Card number is mandatory and the site does verification of Aadhaar card number through UIDAI at the end. It will minimize the chances of any discrepancies regarding entering the details. The website has five level of verification which includes Mobile number verification, email Id verification, Facebook verification, LinkedIn and Aadhaar verification. Therefore, you can here search most reliable, authentic, genuine and suitable matches to all single Indian adults across the world.

Mr. Gorav Aggarwal, (President, Tanisha Systems Inc. & LoveVivah), said, “We are thrilled to launch our new website, LoveVivah.com. Our organization strives to bring together single Indian adults from across the world, in search for a life partner, and provide them with reliable and authentic matches. We understand the discrepancies associated with the existing matrimonial process and hence we have brought in the mandatory Aadhaar verification check to ensure the authenticity of the profiles. Through the new LoevVivah.com site, we have ensured a unique platform where single adults can easily find their soulmates, simultaneously enriching their experience in helping them find a true life companion.

Lovevivah.com logo

LoveVivah.com serves to all Indian communities in India and abroad with prime focus on USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore. Through their customer-centric approach, they have continuously and successfully helped diverse clients meet their soulmates across the world.

Wedding Engagement with Perfect Spouse

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Engagement ring for wedding

Marriage is a relationship for lifetime, it is a life-long bond. It brings husband and wife closer. Before getting married, it is always good if they know each-other well. This is a very special relationship and you should not enter into this in a hurry. Generally, in Indian families, parents take the initiative and try to search the most suitable bride or groom for their eligible son/daughter. The parents introduce the bride and groom and ask them to consider each-other as future partner.

Mostly, the search and selection of bride and groom varies from family-to-family and community-to-community. If the girl and boy find each-other compatible and meeting their partner expectations they agree to the match suggested by their parents. Most of the girls want her future husband to be loving, caring, understanding, educated, financially stable and mature enough to handle all kind of situations. Similarly, boys also expect a some things from their future partner like they want their wife to be beautiful, understanding, mature, open-minded and respect his family. If they find that match suitable they will say yes to the match.

If you are not able to find the match through the traditional ways, you can also search the partner by registering yourself to any of the matrimonial website. You can create the profile for the boy or girl to search the prospective partner. You can create a profile by filling all the relevant information and updating your partner preference and matrimonial resume on the website. The registration with these websites is absolutely free.

Different communities and caste have different rituals to be performed on engagement day. Some just have a simple ring exchange ceremony and some also perform some other rituals as well. In North India most of the families perform engagement ceremony in the home of bride or either in the home of groom. The bride’s parents offer different gifts, ring, clothes, sweets and other gifts to the groom on the ceremony. Whereas, the groom’s family also offer various gifts to the bride like jewelry, clothes, sweets, bangles and other gifts. The family also exchange gifts and shaguns. In South India also, on the engagement ceremony both the families exchange gifts and offer gifts to bride and groom.

Engagement day is very crucial and relevant for the bride and groom as well. It is a kind of formal announcement in front of relatives, family members and friends. The day is very significant for the bride and groom as they will be entering into a new life very soon. On the wedding day, a formal function is organized to perform all the wedding rituals in the presence of all family members and guests. It is followed with party and reception for guest invited in the wedding ceremony. Once the bride and groom complete all the wedding rituals and take marriage vows, they are declared as the wife and husband.