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7 tips to create a perfect balance between work and Love life

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Managing a career isn’t easy and throwing a relationship into the mix makes it worse! Extensive research on the subject of balancing careers and relationships shows that those in successful relationships are healthier, make more money, live longer and also get more promotions than single people do. So how can you create the perfect balance between your career and relationship? We’ll tell you just how:

1. Get your priorities straight:

Prioritizing doesn’t mean sacrificing. Make sure that your partner and your coworkers know that they are both important parts of your life. Communicate to both the parties that they are both high priority and sometimes one might take precedence over the other.

2. Don’t glorify ‘being busy’

It’s easy to assume that having a full calendar equates to being successful. However, it is time to stop filling your calendar with less important ‘busy work’ and start adding your significant other into it more often. Start treating date night as your priority and be non-negotiable when it comes to it.

3. Talk about work

Even though it is recommended to keep both worlds separate, your work is a part of your identity and you have to give your partner a chance to know all about you. Talk about your work responsibilities to your partner and listen to their struggles, accomplishments and encourage them to reach for the stars when it comes to their career. The chat options available on Punjabi matrimony, Gujarati matrimony and Marathi matrimony sites let you discuss your work and other interests with potential partners.

4. Never go to bed angry

This saying is meaningful to the success of both your career and relationship. Waking up angry has not only caused you loss of valuable sleeps, but also given a negative start to the day which in turn affects your productivity and mood. Work out your issues before going to bed for a better career and relationship.

5. Love the person and their title.

For a healthy balance between your work and relationship, make sure that you respect your partner for whatever position he/ she is employed in. Your partner’s job may not be to your liking, but you owe your partner unlimited support even when it comes to his career choices. Signing up on websites like matrimonial India lets you meet potential partners who have similar career goals or choices.

6. Share household tasks

Household chores are not just a woman’s job. Assign roles and decide who does what and stick to it. But make sure to do a little extra when your partner is having a bad week and he or she will love you more for it!

7. Balance Your Sacrifices

No relationship on this planet will work without sacrifices. Understand that your partner has made sacrifices for you and you should return the favor as well. This can mean anything from spending fewer hours in the office or delegating extra projects to others, just to spend a few extra hours with your loving partner.

So remember all the points listed above and give your relationship and career new heights. You will love the difference you’ll feel in both your love and work life.

5 Tips – How to create a perfect relationship with your partner?

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As we all know learning how to build a loving relationship is an art with a sprinkle of science in it. But nowadays with the hustle and bustle of life, we often take our relationship for granted and forget that it is really important to take efforts to make any relationship work. Times have changed and the way we see relationships have changed as well, below we have cracked the code of love by using these 5 tips:

1. Love doesn’t just happen to you.

Just like chasing your dreams, the first step to finding love is going out of your comfort zone and reaching out to someone. If dating sites aren’t your thing and matrimony is something you seek, you can register on some of the trusted matrimonial sites. You can sign up on Lovevivah.com, which is India’s 1st matrimonial site that offers Aadhaar linked profiles. If you are looking for Tamil matrimony, kannada  matrimony, Telugu matrimony etc, then visiting this website can be a best bet for you.  You will never know, you might come across your soul mate who will share a lifetime relationship with you.

2. Creating a safe space without fear.

Learn to stop interrupting and also to fight fairly while you’re at it. Don’t make threats and there is absolutely no space for name calling. Apologize when you know you should and walk away, breathe and calm down if you can’t. It is crucial to create a safe space for yourself and your partner where you can trust each other. Just remember that trust is the foundation of all relationships. And any relationship can only survive when it is filled with love, trust and compassion.

3. Reflect on the interactions

Understanding how your partner reacts when he or she is upset, if he or she makes an effort to talk about the issues or push it away, is key to a better relationship. Make sure to have a heart to heart with your partner about what you can do that will make them feel better. If you will keep ignoring the matters that are creating problems in your relationship, then you will only make things worse for both of you. It is always best to talk and sort out things then and there to avoid problems in the future.

 4. Relish the quirks and differences.

You don’t need a relationship where your partner shares all of your views and interests as honestly that can get a little boring! Your differences in music taste in food preferences is exactly what will keep the fire burning in the relationship.  Yes, this is another crucial factor that you both need to understand to make your relationship lasting forever.

5. Honor your connection with small rituals.

It can be something as small as a special kiss before you leave in the morning to starting the day together over a mug of coffee after you wake up. This time you spend with your partner is sacred, there should be no distractions in the form of social media notifications or work related issues. Use your time well to grow the love and bond you share with your partner.

8 Most Important Things Every Indian Bride Must Keep in Mind While Shopping for Wedding dress

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Shopping for the Wedding dress is definitely one the most exciting aspects of the wedding preparation for any bride-to-be. The desire to look stunning, catching the attention of all those attending the wedding, is what every bride strives for. However, the process of picking the perfect wedding dress is not always easy. Being too casual about wedding shopping could land you in trouble and last minute blunders. With a few cautions and proper planning, the wedding shopping experience can actually be fun.

Listed below are a few things every Indian bride should consider before and during the wedding shopping:

Keep your wedding season in mind

Don’t ignore the season’s role in your wedding. Too heavy wedding dress in screeching hot summers would be a disaster, as same as light skimpy dress in winters. Make sure you choose your wedding dress accordingly, to avoid any discomfort on your big day.

Plan with your fiancé

Though it is important for a bride to look stunning, but it is equally important for the bride and the groom to look well-matched on their wedding day. Hence planning your wedding shopping in silos is not a great idea. Surely, you would want to portray yourself as the best couple, rather than just “you” alone.

Do your homework well

Once you are clear about what kind of dress you would want basis the weather conditions and matching with your partner’s wedding attire, it is always recommended to search for options online. This will give you an idea about the latest trends in the desired segment and tentative budget requirements as well.

Do not Shop too early or too late

Make sure to plan your wedding shopping at a rational time from your wedding date. Too early purchases might make you feel uninterested in your choice by the actual date, whereas last minute shopping can put you at risk of goof-ups. 2-3 months before wedding is the best time to start bridal dress shopping.

Finalize your Budget

Be clear on your budget for the wedding dress and plan your shopping accordingly. Going shopping with unplanned budget, might tempt you to spend unreasonably on the wedding dress which you might regret later. Avoid the places that might fall apart from your budget range as it would mean a sheer waste of time and energy.

Go shopping with someone you trust

Go shopping with someone who has patience and a good fashion sense too. Avoid shopping with too many people as it will create havoc. A sibling or a friend or some trustworthy close relative can be your best shopping partner.

Don’t settle for the first one…but avoid trying too many

Even if you like the first dress you check out, do explore at least a few options instead of settling down at the very first option. Though trying too many options is again not a good idea as you would get more confused and exhausted in the process of trying each and every dress that you come across.

Equally prioritize your comfort

Last but not the least; do not compromise on your comfort. Your bridal look is important but not at the cost of your comfort. An uncomfortable wedding dress, how so ever elegant or beautiful, will ruin your entire wedding excitement. Discomfort owing to your dress, will surely reflect on your face and will mar your wedding looks.

Wedding dress for Winter Brides

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Advent of winters marks the onset of wedding season in India. The magical aura of a winter wedding is best known to those who have attended one. A nip in the air, foggy nights, and endless cups of hot chai or coffee are a perfect combination to set an impeccable environment creating an unforgettable evening in a couple’s life.

Whether you are an Indian bride or groom or a guest, lovely and pleasant weather in winter gives you a leverage to flaunt those gorgeous heavy outfits and makeup without the fear of sweat. The cool climate keeps you relaxed, allowing carrying the dress and jewelry for long hours without any discomfort. Yet, there is another side to winter weddings. On one hand it keeps you relaxed and cheerful, but on the other hand if it is too chilling, then it becomes all the more important to keep yourself warm to be able to enjoy the wedding at its fullest.

Here are a few tips you can use to keep yourself warm without compromising on your wedding looks.

Choose your fabric smartly

The choice of your dress material is critical in Indian Marriage in winters. Opting for materials that keep you warm and at the same time providing a gorgeous look is all that’s needed. Velvet, silk, taffeta, satin are a few best bets for winter fabric. Though you might be tempted to go for stuffs like net, chiffon, georgette, organza, etc. but better to avoid them if you are getting married in winters.

Layer up your Wedding Outfit

A multi-layered outfit with thin layers can help retain the warmth better than a single thick layered dress. You can opt for a dress that consists of multiple layers of fabric giving a trendy look to your outfit. For example a multi-layered lehenga, with a trendy overcoat or a jacket giving a fresh, trendy look to wedding attire of any Indian Bride.

Use Secret Weapon – Full Sleeves

Going for a full sleeve wedding dress, will not just keep you warm and cozy, but will also give you a look which is a fusion of tradition and trend. A full sleeve blouse, matching with your wedding lehenga or wedding saree, can give an absolutely stunning look to any Indian Bride.

Choose Smart Footwear

Smart footwear that goes well with the chilly weather is all you need to add on to the warmth of your wedding. Try to opt for footwear that can keep your feet covered in the winters. If required, you can also pull up your socks that stay hidden within your covered yet fancy footwear.

Stay warm with a Cup of Coffee

Last but not the least, keep yourself warm with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Let your friends be informed in advance so that they don’t leave you without a coffee in hand. Just keeping your hands around the warm cup helps offers a comfortable cozy feeling, not necessarily you need to sip in, though you may if you feel like.

Marriages in India are all about fun and excitement. Every Indian bride or Indian Groom would have many expectations from this day and some small but smart decisions can help them live up to all those expectations.

Why do NRI prefer Indian brides?

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The trends on the Matrimonial sites and elsewhere indicates that Indian NRI bachelor mostly looks for the Indian brides for marriage. Although, they may have many foreign girlfriends abroad, but they prefer only Indian girls when it comes to marriage. Why is it so? Well, there is no direct answer, but the major reason remains entwined in the psychology and sociology of the born NRI men. A thorough research might help you find out some unexplored reasons, but here I am enlisting a few major reasons.

1. Cultural Inclination

A man is often separated from his family for earning or getting a good life, but he remains attached to his hometown and culture. Culture is something that a person cannot easily forget or adopt. Accepting a new culture takes a lot of time. Even if one accepts the culture, he internally vies for the old cultural values and instincts with which he was once tied. Marrying an Indian girl who shares the similar cultural values makes him internally satisfied and happy. Marriage is all about accepting and understanding each other. Cultural similarity makes the bonding more strong.

 2. Ease of return:

Some NRI men prefer  Indian bride for marriage to safe-lock their chances of return to India. Yes, this is true. Some NRI men live abroad with their hearts in their own country. Although, the chances of their return to the mainland are feeble, but then also they desire to come back some day and stay there. It may be that, they are unsure about when they will return, but their heart strongly pounds with the thought of return. To increase their chances of returning, they prefer to marry an Indian girl. The reason being, if they ever wish to leave this country, their spouse will be on equal terms with them and agree to accompany them.

3. Need for a stable family:

Cultural effects, upbringing manner, etc. have a greater impact on men born in India. Even the years of separation cannot erase these impacts fully. The family set up of Indian families is far different from foreign families. NRI men strongly feel that no other girl than that born in India can ever understand his proper family set up, or even if the other girl can, she will not be able to mold according to their family style. And to some extent this is also true. Adjusting in Indian families with outspoken relatives is not an easy task. So they want a wife who is trained to adjust in Indian families of this kind.

4. Male superiority

In India, until now, men enjoy a privileged position over women in many areas. NRI groom brought up in India, grows up watching his dad taking all the important decisions of the house, while supporting his mother. He has seen his mother catering the Desi delicacies to the family and wants the similar privilege for him also. To get all this for himself, marrying an Indian girl seems to him as a sure shot solution. It is also one of the major reasons for why NRI groom prefers an Indian girl for marriage.

5. Financial Gain

If an NRI groom is looking for some kind of a financial gain, naturally he gets it better by his in-laws living in India as some Indians believe in giving expensive gifts and money to their son-in-law and daughter on wedding. Marrying an Indian girl also satisfies the ego of any egoistic man. An NRI groom is usually considered as a VIP in the family for his greatest merit of being an NRI.

The reasons for an NRI to marry an Indian girl are logical as well as critical. It may be that he had loved a girl back in India and want her as his spouse, or he is in deep love with the Indian cultural values, or he wants dowry. Whatever be the reason, remember that, in the end only the good intentions win. The end-result of any marriage should be a happy and life filled with love and we wish the same for all.