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Weird Indian Wedding Rituals That Will Blow Your Mind

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Have you heard the popular phrase, “It happens only in India!”? Well, yes, that’s even more applicable to the context of the diverse wedding rituals our country has, as some of them are outright bizarre! India is a conglomeration of language, culture, and religions and yet in almost every community, there are some weird matrimonial ceremonies hard to reckon with. Here are a few of them –

Mandatory Change of Mind

In specific Tamil Brahmin communities, a groom has to change his mind at the last minute mandatorily and refuse to become a married man. He is then ritualistically counseled by his uncle or his father on the merits of becoming a ‘Sansarik’ and not a ‘Sanyasi.’ He’s told in detail about the significance of matrimony and ‘Grihastha Ashram ‘ and his roles and duties as a husband, so he comes back to his senses and agrees to sit at the marriage altar.

Drink that Dude!

Among Gujaratis, it’s mandatory to have the groom’s feet washed with milk and honey by his would-be father-in-law. But what’s bizarre is he’s then supposed to drink that sweet, slimy, dirty “potion” in the name of Madhuparka, as this ritual is called.

Trapeze Star Bride?

In a common post-wedding ritual of Bihar, a newlywed bride has to balance earthen pots after pots on her head, which are placed there by her mother-in-law. It doesn’t end there. She has to then seek the elder’s blessings by bowing This is said to symbolize the bride’s ability to balance her familial and matrimonial responsibilities.

Pinocchio Groom

We all have read about Pinocchio who’s nose became longer with every lie. But here’s another way to make that happen! Gujarati wedding! In a ceremony named Ponkhana where the groom’s mother-in-law first greets him and performs an aarti, but then she mandatorily pulls the groom’s nose! This is symbolic of helping the groom remember that he’s the one who has come to seek the bride in marriage and so much remains humble.

Runaway (with) Bride!

Some of the Adivasi communities in India have this strange tradition of the husband keeping the newly wedded wife in some hidden place for a full one year. She’s not allowed to go out or interact with anyone for that duration. After the end of one year, the community seniors approve the wedding, and an official celebration is held.

Roses, No, Tomatoes, Yes!

In Sarsaul, Uttar Pradesh, within a certain tribal community, it is mandatory to greet and welcome the groom’s family with quite a strange thing. Not roses, not rose water or perfumes, not even with drinks and paan. They are welcomed by being pelted with tomatoes! The community seems to believe that a matrimonial association beginning with tolerating such torture with such patience definitely makes room for long-term patience, love, and understanding between the newlyweds.

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Are Matrimonial Sites are useful than Traditional Ads?

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Traditionally, Indian matrimony always has been arranged because we Indians believe that it is not only the Indian bride and the Indian groom, who are united for life but their families are too. Families and friends scouted for prospective Indian brides and Indian grooms within their social circle and acquaintances. Criteria such as caste, community, education, financial stability, values, culture, compatibility, etc. are kept in mind during this scouting process to ensure the most eligible compatibility between the bride and the groom and their respective families. The scouting process ensured that each family gets as much first-hand information as possible about the other family before committing. Matrimonial advertisements in newspapers and matrimony bureaus were also followed to seek prospective matches, per criteria.

With the wider spread of the internet, there seems to be a surge in matrimonial sites. The use of these sites is particularly popular with the urban youth. As internet and education spread through small towns, the use of matrimonial sites increases in such places as well. The increasing popularity of matrimonial sites can be attributed to the below factors:

Technology Friendly – In current times where people are becoming more tech-savvy, Matrimonial sites offer plenty of prospective matches to choose from at a touch of a button. The sites offer smart filters to narrow search according to everyone’s criteria – religion, age, caste, language, education, etc.

Maintain the Tradition – Most of the profiles come with photos, traditional specifications. So, not only the prospective Indian bride and the Indian groom know what they are looking at, even the families and friends are happy, knowing that the search is being conducted via traditional criteria;

Wider Catchment – Matrimonial sites not only cater to the urban youth but a wide range of population in semi-urban, rural and overseas areas as well;

More Extensive Options – These sites provide the options for all kinds of varied requirements;

Initial Conversation – Matrimonial sites also offer an online chat room, where the prospective groom and bride can initiate a conversation and find out more about each other, arrange for a meet.

Success Stories – Many of these sites post the stories of those Indian brides and Indian grooms that they have successfully paired and wedded. It provides confidence to those, who are seeking prospective matches, as to the efficacy of the matrimonial sites.

When one compares the above advantages to the traditional method of newspaper advertisements, matrimonial sites are more useful.

Newspaper ads have the following disadvantages:

1) These do not provide as broad options as sites do;
2) Are painstaking and time-consuming when it comes to narrowing a prospective match, arranging the initial chat between the potential matches and their families;
3) Do not come with the options of ‘alerts’ as matrimonial sites do (when a prospective match comes up);
4) One is required to visit the newspaper office to update the ad personally;
5) These do not offer a glimpse of the photos of the prospective brides/grooms.

Be each other’s better half: Share not only Love but Life!

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Relationships thrive on constant nurturing and caring. A person is surrounded by a web of relationships that form the core of his/her social existence. Maintaining any sort of relationship requires communication, empathy, conflict resolution and the list goes on. The most important skill that makes relationship strong, intimate and healthy is sharing.

Relationships require sharing our lives with another person. This may include a lot of dimensions like emotional sharing, intellectual sharing, common values, sharing of beliefs or ideas. The dimension is decided by the level of intimacy a relationship holds. It may be different for people in a marriage. In a marriage, it is fundamental to share your feelings and thoughts. Here is what else you can share in a relationship:

Share Secrets

Sharing secrets is the virtue of best relationships. Two people in a relationship need to be open and honest regarding almost everything. This ensures a sense of security and safety. These secrets can be about your dreams and desires, your highs and lows, expectations and disappointments. Sometimes being vulnerable ensures that the relationship stays intimate and thereby strengthens the bond. One needs to ensure that the secrets shared are honored and never compromised.

Share Hobbies and interests

Relationships require time to bud and blossom. Today, time holds value. Some people are busy with work and careers and relationship takes a backseat. This can be totally avoided. Take out some time dining out or exercising together if you are in a more intimate relationship. Always try to be open to new ideas and try to look out for common interests if any. Pursue them together. This will ensure you get to spend quality time together doing what you both like.

Share your Support

People tend to be emotionally and physically exhausted. The daily chores or too much stress can bring out total negativity from a person. One can simply extend his/her support and make the other feel a little less exhausted. Sharing is lessening the burden.

Share Chores

If you are in a relationship, where you can help your partner with daily chores, it can create a sense of equality. Helping with routine work like cleaning and cooking can ensure a balance and it definitely takes off some load. As they say “two is better than one”- this mantra can go a long way.

How does sharing help?

Sharing can ensure emotional and mental stability in most of the cases. It does good to people who entrust each other with things. Sharing will help you and your partner grow as a team as it develops the sense of togetherness. A person will feel more responsible for the acts done in a relationship.

Sharing chores ensure that both the partners feel equal and it definitely takes some load off. The skill of sharing will make your relationship grow as a team and this will eventually increase the level of intimacy. It eventually builds trust and helps the relationships to flourish.

In matrimony, know that you are not two individuals living your separate lives. You and your spouse are one bounded by the love and care you share with each other.

Do you visualize a dream or a nightmare at your wedding?

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As the D-day comes closer what do you visualize- a dream or a nightmare. Most of the time the time just flies in making the arrangements that you just go with the flow without anything sinking in.

But as the day draws closer, your dream of a perfect wedding can turn it into a nightmare if things are not planned and organized well. Matrimonial sites can help you find your perfect one but organizing the wedding would need special expertize. Either you opt to arrange everything on your own, which can be satisfying yet chaotic & hectic. Or else you can opt for the services of an event organizing agencies. It works in the favor of the Indian bride and Indian groom to leave the planning to their professional hands.

If the Indian bride and Indian groom want to plan their matrimony on their own then as soon as the date for the matrimony is finalized, both families should work in tandem to turn it into a memorable event. It can turn into a clash of egos and bickering if both families don’t agree on a plan and put it on paper. Sticking to a plan works best when planning a major event like a wedding. Make a monthly check-list for easy execution.

As Indian customs differ from one home to another, it is always better to discuss things up-front than making an issue of it later.

Always start with a Common List-

During a wedding there will be a lot of common functions that will be held together. Make a list of decorations, invitations, venue, and functions. Plan to the last detail and make sure that both families have identical copies, better yet make it typed copies as per each function.

Prepare a guest list-

Most problems originate where there are more people involved. Make a list of all people and then segregate them according to the functions for which they will be invited. Pass on the list to both families, because the groom’s family needs to know who to invite and the same goes for the brides’. You don’t want to ruffle any feathers by leaving out anyone important.

Customs followed-

Every family has their traditions and customs. And it is always better for both families to discuss them to the last detail so that there is no confusion at the last minute. By doing this, you also ensure that the relatives attending the wedding don’t get a chance to point fingers.

Plan a Budget-

Estimate your costs and decide which family is organizing which function. Money is a culprit for creating the maximum confusion and trouble. Being clear on this issue keeps away bad feelings among the families.

Gifts List-

Indian weddings are all about gifts, and it is not limited to the bride and groom. It is given to all the closest relatives of both families. A finalized list should be exchanged between both the families, and the value of the gifts should be based on the relationship with the groom or bride.

Pick a venue-

Another thing which both the families should agree upon is the venue. Sometimes with outstation weddings, it becomes more difficult to decide on the location. It’s usually more manageable for the family who has a lesser number of the guest list to travel.
Weddings are high-energy and chaotic occasions, but a little planning is all that is needed to make it memorable. For both the families, it is a new beginning, and it should not start on a sour note. Bad feelings which develop during weddings are carried throughout the life and sometimes ruins relationships beyond repair.

Find Your Soulmate Using Intelligent Matchmaking Service By Lovevivah.com

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Majority of today’s generation is tech-savvy. With Smartphones in our hands, the world is a click away. We evolved with technology surrounding us. Our generation wants best and convenient results. This is no surprise that online matrimony is a hit with our optimum result seeking generation. Marriage still holds the highest seat.

This union is grandeur and spectacular. Our preferences for seeking this union has changed. Today we are surrounded by online matrimony services with the majority of people still prefering arranged setups. In our country, cultural and religious beliefs have a soft lean towards arranged marriages. Marriage is the most important event of one’s life, has many criteria as well. Some of them being religion, caste, lifestyle preferences, beliefs, etc.

The Shift towards Online Matrimonial Websites

This sacred and serene union is sought by most of the young generation on these online platforms. The reason being the freedom of choice. Then again, these platforms provide opportunities to indulge in conversation so that the choice is practical than what traditional methods had to offer. Long ago when classified ads used to give us few options, the practicality was limited. Online matrimony platforms make the search for a soulmate easy and hassle-free.

LoveVivah is one of the leading and trusted online matrimony portals. It is a platform that is a perfect blend of traditions and technology. Our database is vast and reliable at the same time. We at LoveVivah understand that marriage is a one-time life-changing affair. We understand that marriage is an intimate affair and our relationship managers ensure that it stays one. Our criteria are vast and accurate. We believe that you deserve the best. LoveVivah is secure, and we match to fit. There is no bigger event than marriage in our culture, and it evokes the bond of eternal love.

LoveVivah is a matrimonial site where we enable intelligent matchmaking system. Your soulmate is a click away. We offer a convenient platform wherein all you need to do is tell us what you prefer, and we work on your criteria. Our membership plans are tailored to your needs.

LoveVivah – Redefining Online Indian Matrimony!

You can view the prospects you are interested in and get in touch with our personalized chat or a call depending on your comfort. Our intelligent matchmaking system makes it easier for you to choose your preferred partner. We take into consideration the choices regarding your lifestyle, stature, preferences and come up with the matches that are tailored as per your requirement.

We respect your privacy. The contact or any other information provided by you will be shared to interested prospects only after a proper consent by you. We do not disclose information without your permission. Our database is thoroughly checked, and we provide trust score to profiles which indicates their level of geneuineness and authenticity. The percentage of trust score depicts how much information is provided by the member. We are the first to introduce Aadhaar linked profiles wherein there is no scope for a dummy or fake profile.

So let us together find you a life partner with a memory you will cherish forever. Let us find love.