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Worried About Honeymoon Expenses? Save More Money On Your Hotel Booking

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If you have spent most of your savings on your wedding shopping and arrangements and now you are worried about how to bear the expenses of your honeymoon? Don’t worry! Planning your honeymoon is not that difficult if you plan well in advance. In your planning two things are really critical, one is choosing the right destination and another is booking the ideal hotel for peaceful stay. Here, we are sharing some simple ways to save more money on your hotel booking.

Avoid last minute booking: If you already know that you will surely go for honeymoon to your chosen location and you know your departure dates as well, it is always good to book your hotel rooms in advance to save money on hotel booking. If you book your hotel in advance you will pay the discounted amount as room rent. However, the discount varies from hotel to hotel. But, it is always a wise idea to book your hotel in advance.

Set your budget: Before booking any hotel, fix your maximum budget. It is always good to stick to your budget and not to go beyond that. It will help you in saving the money. Don’t get tempted to book a hotel room which is beyond your budget. It is your honeymoon, but doesn’t mean that you spend money blindly for short-term fun.

Call hotels directly: There are many hotels that offer special discounts to customers who approach them directly. Many times these hotels offer different rate card to the promotional websites and offer different price to the customers who approach them directly. If you like some hotel and you are sure that you will book that only, there is no harm in contacting that hotel directly and getting a better deal.

Ask for special honeymoon discounts: You are on honeymoon and there is no harm in disclosing that to your hotel. There are many hotels, which offer special packages and discounts to honeymoon couples. Besides, they offer special services and complimentary gifts as well to honeymoon couples.

Search online deals and packages: There are many online sites offering lucrative honeymoon deals and packages. These websites offer various packages from three days packages to month long honeymoon packages including various benefits like free pick-up and drop services from hotel to airport, free meal and local tours, etc. Therefore, search for online deals to save more money on hotel room booking.

Use your credit card for booking: Most of us own at least one credit card. Your credit card is your tool to save more money when you are doing your hotel booking. There are many credit cards offering special discounts and deals on hotel room booking. There are cards which are specially designed for travelers, you can use such cards to save more on your hotel booking.

Use your card reward points to enjoy more discounts: All the cards offer special reward points to its users. These rewards points can be used in different ways. You can use them to buy products, get discounts on your movie ticket bookings and even to get lower price on your hotel booking. Redeem your reward points to enjoy more discounts on your hotel booking.

Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations: Romantic But Not So Visited

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img_10After the long and tiring ceremonies and plenty of rituals, it is time to escape to the most romantic destination to spend some memorable moments together. When you think about honeymoon, most of us imagine about the picturesque destinations, which we usually see in most of the Bollywood movies. Landscapes with lush-greenery and most romantic places to visit are depicted in most of the movies. But, such destinations are flooded with people, where you hardly get ample space to spend some romantic moments. Here, we are sharing top five honeymoon destinations which are romantic but not so visited by many people.

Varkala beach: This romantically beautiful beach is situated in the Thiruvananthpuram of Kerala. The unmatched beauty of this place lies in its crystal clear water along with rows of coconut trees lining beach. The divine beauty of this beach offers you a sense of peace and ample places for some most romantic moments. The unending water that gives you peaceful and quite place makes this beautiful place different from others. It is not flooded with people like other famous beaches such as Kovalam, but still offers all the things that you require on your honeymoon. You can indulge in various water sports and other activities to add some spark in your trip.

Auli: This beautiful hill station is located in Uttaranchal. It is an ideal honeymoon destination, but not so visited if you compare this destination with other frequently visited and popular destinations like Mussorie and Nainital. This scenic hill resort is an ideal honeymoon destination with its beautiful snow covered mountainous region speckled with green trees. This beautiful destination is very much popular for skiing. You can also take a romantic ride in cable car and overlook the magnificent Himalayas.

Khajjiar: This is very much popular as ‘mini Switzerland’ of India. The beautiful honeymoon destination is located in Himachal Pradesh. The picturesque hill station boasts of green meadows lined with deodar forests. You can take a romantic walk with your spouse in the lush green hill stations or can enjoy the horse ride with your beloved. The beautiful hills and serenity makes this place unique and must visit honeymoon destination for newlyweds.

Orchha: If you don’t want to visit any beach or hill stations, this destination is just for you. Orchha is located in Madhya Pradesh. It is a small town lies on the banks of the River Betwa and just 15KM away from Jhansi. This town is popular for its marvelous and gigantic forts including many other historical buildings situated around this town. The different historic buildings represent the different eras of India. There are many historic places and forts like Raja Mahal, Jehangir Mahal and Chaturbhuj temple which you can visit on your honeymoon trip.

Dzongu: This beautiful small town is situated in Sikkim. This gorgeous place is not very popular and frequently visited by tourists. In this isolated place tribal community of Sikkim inhabits. Here, you can see the beautiful Seven Sisters waterfall. This is a perfect place for all those who want to spend some romantic moments in the lap of nature.

Best Tips For Planning A Perfect Honeymoon Tour

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Tips for Planning Honeymoon Destination

Are you really excited for your honeymoon? Are you really eager to fly to a new destination? It is your turn to make your desired vacation a perfect one. You must have seen your friends updating various pictures of different destinations and you must have felt envy. Now, it is your turn to make other envy with your honeymoon. Here are some tips to make your honeymoon a perfect affair.

Don’t force your choice: Honeymoon is not only for you or your wife. It is for both of you and you should choose a destination collectively. You should always choose romantic honeymoon destination on which you both agree. A honeymoon destination should not be mandatorily a beach. You can also explore different destinations which are of common interest.

Don’t plan for too long: If you both are working, then you should also consider the leave chart of your spouse as well.  Plan your honeymoon for decent number of days. It should not be too long, which will make it boring and dull.

Don’t travel for too long hours: Try to avoid long travelling hours. Plan for a honeymoon destination that is not too far or you need not to spend too much time in travelling. Try to avoid long hours traveling. It will not only consume your time, but at the same time it will also exhaust your energies. If you are travelling for too long, then way to home you will feel more exertion.

Remember you will get what you paid for: If you have booked your honeymoon package from any touring agency or from any website, always ensure that you are getting all the services, which were mentioned in the deal. You must have booked your package with that agent because of various reasons, but don’t forget that you have invested handsome amount to get that deal be it discounted one. Always, remember that every rupee is important and you must get for what you have paid.

Be original: While booking for your destination don’t follow others. Try to book a destination that you think is according to your interest. It is your honeymoon, therefore, choose a destination which you both liked. Pick a location where you think you both will enjoy most and can spend memorable time together.

Hotel should be within budget: Don’t go by words or reviews only while booking your hotel. It is always good that should search a lot and compare different facilities of hotels. It is always good you book a hotel within your budget. A lavish hotel for the sake of showoff is not a good idea. It is always good that you book a hotel which offers you decent facilities within reasonable price.

Don’t go beyond your budget: You must have spent a lot of money on your wedding and honeymoon could be equally expensive affair. It can create a hole in your bank balance, if you go beyond your budget. It is very much required that you fix a budget for honeymoon and try to stick to it religiously.

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