Brahmin Wedding Rituals: Interesting & Fun-Filled

Brahmin Wedding Rituals When we talk about marriage, the first thing which comes to our mind is colorful and larger than life wedding venue decoration, mouthwatering dishes and fun filled and colorful ceremonies. But, a Brahmin wedding is more about ceremonies and rituals and you can’t imagine a sin

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Muslim Wedding Rituals: Sacred and Mesmerizing

Muslim Wedding Rituals Muslim wedding rituals are very sacred and colorful. If you got any chance to attend any Muslim wedding, you will realize that their wedding rituals are very simple yet elegant. They call their wedding as Nikah. It is an urdu word. The wedding rituals of Read more.

Telugu Wedding Rituals, A Perfect Example Of Traditions & Rituals

Telugu Wedding Rituals Marriage in India considered as one of the biggest event of once life, full of fun, rituals and excitement. Telugu wedding traditions are similar in all Tamilian families. Tamil matrimony rituals and traditions are unique in their own ways. Tamil wedding is full fami

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Bengali Pre Wedding rituals: Sweet & Loaded with Fun

Bengali Pre Wedding Rituals Bengali wedding like any other wedding has its own flavor of traditions and rituals. If you have ever got a chance to witness any Bengali wedding, then you must have realized that it is filled with rituals and fun. Bengali Hindu weddings like most other India

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Tamil Wedding Rituals: Sacred And Traditional

Tamil Wedding Rituals Tamilians are very much known for their simplicity and elegance. Even if you talk about their marriage rituals, you will feel that simplicity in their rituals as well. However, it is very important and the biggest event of once life, but still they keep it simple yet beautiful. Tamil

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