7 Gorgeous & Sizzling Bollywood Divas Who Married In Their Late 30s

Bollywood Divas who married in their late 30 Age When it comes to marriage in our country, most of the time we heard about the right age of marriage and people have different opinions about right age. But, it is not the girl or guy who decides their right age of Read more.

Famous Indian Celebrities Who Tied The Wedding Knot In 2017

Indian Celebrities Wedding 2017 We all are very keen to know more about favorite celebrity and what is going on in their personal life. We always want to know about their hook ups and other personal information to know them closely. Like last year, the first three months of the year 2017 are full of celebrat

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Top 6 Indian Celebrities Who Got Hitched In 2016

Indian celebrity wedding 2016

We are always eager to know what is happening in B-Town? What is going on in their personal life? Who is getting engaged and who is going to marry in next few months? We are always eager to know more and more about their personal life? Y

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