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Parsi Wedding Rituals: Sacred & Interesting

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Parsi Wedding Rituals

Parsi weddings are very interesting and different from the usual Hindu weddings. In India, when we talk about wedding rituals, the first that comes to our mind is bride dressed in red and groom in sherwani or something similar. But, if you are expecting the same thing in a Parsi wedding too, then you will be disappointed. Their wedding rituals and traditions are much more different from Hindu and Punjabi wedding rituals that we generally see in movies. The Parsi wedding rituals lasts longer than the typical Indian wedding. Parsi wedding is popularly known as the “Lagan” ceremony. Let’s take a look at some of the pre-and post-wedding rituals.

Rupia Peravanu ritual: In this ritual of rupia peravanu, the females of the bride’s family visit the groom’s house and after performing the rituals, the females of the groom’s family visit bride’s house to complete their side of rituals. In this ceremony, both the families give gifts, money and a silver coin to the groom as well as the bride respectively. This ceremony is something similar to the engagement ceremony of Hindu wedding. It is a kind of engagement ceremony without exchanging the rings.

Madhavsaro ceremony: In this special ceremony, both the families are supposed to plant a tree in a flower pot and keep it on the main entrance of their respective houses. As a rituals both the families are supposed to keep that pot in front of the entrance of their home for next 7-8 days and they are expected to nurture and water it every day. After the wedding it is removed from the entrance and placed somewhere else.

Adarni Ritual: In this ritual, the mother of the groom and other family members visit the house of the bride. As a ritual they offer her gifts, jewelry, clothes and other items. The bride’s family organizes a dinner/lunch for them and gives them sweets and gifts.

Supra Nu Murat ceremony: This ceremony is very much similar to the haldi ceremony of Hindu wedding, where females of the family apply haldi paste on the face and body of the bride and groom respectively. In this ceremony, the five females of the bride’s family apply haldi paste on the face, hands and feet of the bride.

Nahan ritual: This is very sacred ritual and performed before the wedding. In the ritual, the bride and groom takes the holy bath for purity and cleansing. After taking this sacred bath, they start getting ready for the other wedding ceremonies of the day.

Achumichu ritual: In Parsi wedding a special stage is created for the wedding ceremony. In this ceremony, the mother of the bride carries a tray in which she contains some rice, a coconut, dates, raw egg and some water. After that she circles all these items excepting the water around the groom and then throws them away. This ritual is popularly known as achumichu ritual and is done on the stage. After that the groom’s mother also performs the same ritual.

Ara antar ritual: In this special traditional ceremony, the bride and groom sit facing towards each-other and a cloth is placed between them to hide their faces from each-other.

Tying the string ritual: The priest ties the seven knots to a string placed around the couple in this special ceremony. After tying the knot, the bride and groom throw rice at each other without peeking and compete to untie the string first.

Chero Bandhavano: After performing all the ceremonies, the couple sits together and lamps were placed on their sides. The priest begins his prayers and performs other remaining rituals. The couple exchanges the rings to complete the wedding ceremony.

Hath borvanu: In this ritual, the sister of the bride is supposed to free the couple of the tied strands and in return the groom gives her money. She also places his hands in a bowl of water and cleans his shoe with milk. Parsi matrimony site gives marriage resumes of brides and grooms. Free Registration for all! Begins your life-partner search now.

Don’t Ruin Your Honeymoon by Making These Statements on Your Honeymoon

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honeymoon tour mistakes

Are you really excited for your honeymoon? You have planned everything for your honeymoon to make it a perfect affair. But, there is one thing which can break the ice on your honeymoon and that is your attitude. If you have a positive attitude, you can enjoy your honeymoon with minimum planning and things and if you have a bad attitude, then nothing will be perfect for you. For honeymoon there is no perfect planning required, but a perfect attitude is required for enjoying the honeymoon. If you have booked your favorite destination, a lush green destination with scenic beauty never guarantees you for a memorable and fun-filled honeymoon, but your positive attitude on your honeymoon ensure the happy moments on your honeymoon. At times, we make a few mistakes on honeymoon sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Here, we are sharing a few statements you should never make on your honeymoon.

We don’t need to sleep: This is one of the common mistakes done by the sporty and ambitious honeymoon couples. If they have made a plan for 10 days, then they will try maximizing each day by visiting maximum number of places on their honeymoon. Avoid doing such mistake on your honeymoon. You are there to enjoy each-other’s company, not to move around from one place to another. Spending sleepless nights and travelling whole day will make you tired and sick. You are there to enjoy your honeymoon not to feel drenched with low energy.

We should avoid shopping: When you are on your honeymoon to save some money you avoid shopping from that place. You don’t want to shop anything for self, or for our family members. Spending whole day on shopping and investing huge money to buy something or other for each and every family member might shoot up your overall budget, but bringing some small gifts or some showpiece from that place will not make much difference on your overall budget.

Everything has to be perfect: Everything has to be perfect on honeymoon else you will not enjoy it. This is not the case; the perfect planning doesn’t guarantee you for a perfect honeymoon. An international destination with stay in five-star hotel will not give you that level of pleasure and happiness, which you will get when you both will be together and enjoy each-other’s company. A positive attitude is very important to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

I need to attend one urgent call: This is another statement you should avoid on your honeymoon. You should avoid any official call on your honeymoon. You are not on an official trip and you are there not to attend official calls. So, avoid these things on your honeymoon.

Sending some urgent emails: This is something you should avoid on your honeymoon. Writing urgent emails or replying to emails is something you should not do on your honeymoon. You are not there to attend official emails or reply on such email. If very urgent, then you should set an auto-generated reply for all official emails that you are out of station and will reply once resume office. Sending some urgent emails will spoil the whole mood of your honeymoon. So avoid attending some urgent email.

I don’t want to do new things: Honeymoon is something where you are expected to explore and experiment new things. You should not miss even a single opportunity to add some adventure and spark in your honeymoon. Trying new things on your honeymoon will make it more memorable for both of you. You should do new things on your honeymoon to enjoy it to the fullest.

Let’s try some street food: This is something which you should avoid on your honeymoon. If you are not sure about the quality of the street food then avoid eating out such things. Crying and running to the washroom again-and-again because of upset stomach or something else will spoil the fun of your honeymoon. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what you eat on your honeymoon. Avoid eating food from street and local hawkers as they don’t use quality products, which might affect your stomach. Jat matrimony services gives wedding profiles of grooms and brides. Register Now and start your partner search with Aadhaar verified profiles.

Five Magical Statements to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Spouse

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relationship with spouse

Every couple is different and the formula of their happiness and success of their marriage is different from other. Similarly, the love language is different for different couples. You can’t rate all couples at one level. When you are in this relationship, you always want to feel blessed and happy. You always want to enjoy the blissful marriage and at the same time you want to feel loved. There is nothing better than the feeling that there is someone who is always there for you. You always feel special and want to make your spouse to feel special because the love and bond you share with him/her. Here, we are sharing five magical statements to strengthen your relationship with spouse.

I love you for what you are: This is very soothing and satisfying statement when you listen this from your spouse. You always feel happy to listen to this that your spouse accepts you and love you for whatever you are. He/she does not want to make any changes in you or in your habits, but they are happy with you and accept you with your positive and negative sides. This makes your relationship stronger and better. You enjoy your relationship with your spouse more than anything else.

I trust you: This is another statement which gives you and your relationship a new strength. Trust is one of the most important factors of one’s life and you can’t imagine a relationship without trust. The core element behind the successful marriage is trust. When you listen to this statement “I trust you” it means a lot to you as couple because you know that in all ups and downs of life your spouse will be with you and trust you.

You are my world: When you listen to these golden words you feel special and loved. When your spouse said this to you that you are my world, it gives a new life to your relationship. All of us want to feel the warmth of love and care in our life. We don’t want to feel ignored and neglected, but when we heard this for your spouse you are everything, then it means a lot to you.

I can’t imagine a day without you: No matter how bad you are feeling because of any silly reason, but when you listen to this, you feel special and blessed with true love from your spouse. When your spouse says these golden words to that he/she can’t imagine a day without him/her, it gives you sense of belongingness and togetherness. Therefore, this special statement gives you a sense of love and pride. It gives you a sense that you hold a special place in his/her life and it will be difficult for him/her without you.

I am happy when I am with you: Happiness is one of the important factors behind the success of any relationship. If you are happy in your relationship, then nothing will bother you and you will not feel sad or regret for anything. The relationship of a husband and wife is very crucial and you can’t imagine the longevity of this relationship in the absence of happiness. If you are not happy in this special bond, then it will appear a burden to you. Therefore, this kind of statements gives you a sense of security and assurance that you are on the right track and your relationship will become stronger and stronger over the period of time. Brahmin matrimony website gives profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Join Now for free & search through millions of Aadhaar verified profiles!

Are Women in India Really Enjoying the Independence?

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independence day 15 august

We are about to celebrate the 70th Independence Day. We claim to be one of the fastest growing economies of the world. We are working on various things as a nation and improving our infrastructure and resources day-by-day to get into the league of developed nation. But, are we still in a state where we let the women of our country live freely. Are the women from every part of the country, be it the remotest areas in Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Manipur really enjoying the same level of freedom? Are the women from all class and parts of our country free and independent enough to make their own decisions? If we ignore the 20-30% of modern women who are privileged and born in open minded families whom you find driving cars, wearing branded clothes and enjoying their life, rest of the females who belongs to a middle class family from rural areas or semi-rural areas, are they enjoying the same level of freedom? Women in our country still don’t have the level of freedom where they can live their life as per their wish. Here, we are mentioning a few points indicating that women in our country are still not enjoying the freedom to the fullest.

Need permission before going out: We have made our women so dependent that they need to take permission from their parents if they want to go out. Even if they are married, they have to seek permission from their in-laws or from husband before stepping out of home. They are not free to go anywhere as per their wish. They are still not able make their own decision of going out of home, they need to take permission from family members.

Can’t wear a dress of own choice: This is another thing faced by most of the females in our country. They can’t wear a dress of their own choice. They are supposed to wear whatever has been instructed to them either by their family members, in-laws or by husband. They are not free to decide what she should wear on daily basis or how she should dress up if she is going to office or to meet some relatives. This is something very common faced by most of the females in their life. “You should not wear this short dress”. “Don’t wear jeans or hot pants, my parents will not like their daughter-in-law wearing jeans or hot pants.” – are some of the common statements/instructions given to females.

Can’t go out alone in late hours: Being a female you are not supposed to go out alone in the late hours. Generally, the family members would instruct your brother or some male member to pick you up from the required point. Even the husband would tell her that either he will come to pick her up or ask his father or brother to pick her up if she is getting late due to whatever reasons. This is something very common in most of the Indian families that they don’t allow females to travel alone in the night.

No freedom to seek a career of choice: You are a female and career is not meant for you. You are not supposed to make a career of your choice. Pick a career like teaching, banking or something similar where you can leave office early in the evening and reach home on time. A career in corporate or something else is not the right choice for a female. You are supposed to give up your career for your family, kids and for the sake of married life. You are liable to take care of your home, kids, in-laws and other household things after marriage, but thinking about a career is not meant for a female.

No freedom to decide when to marry: You are not the right one to decide whether you want to marry or not. If you have crossed 24 years, then as a typical Indian this is the ideal age to get married. You should get married as soon as possible otherwise you will not find even a single eligible male to marry. When you should get married is not your decision, but your family is the right one to decide whether you should marry or not. If you want to go for higher studies or make your career first, still these things are not meant for you. Marriage is the ultimate thing in a female’s life and she should settle down as soon as possible. The freedom to decide when to get married is not for females at least in our country.

No freedom to choose a life-partner: Being a girl you have no rights to choose your life partner. You are not supposed to get married to someone you liked or go for a love marriage. Your family is the right one to select a life partner. As a girl you are not smart and intelligent enough to make this important decision. Your family knows it very well who is right and who is wrong for you. Therefore, they are the right one to select a life partner for you.

Partying is not meant for them: This is one thing, which is not meant for Indian girls. You are not supposed to go out with friends and party. If your brother, father or some male member of the family is going out for party, it is absolutely fine with all family members. But, if you tell the same thing to them, then they will raise their eyebrows and would not allow you to go for and party.

Girls are still living in a nutshell where they are overprotected by their family members. Actual freedom or independence is not meant for them. They are not free to do whatever they want. They are still living under control of their family members and male counterparts. Indian matrimony site gives profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Absolutely Free Registration! Start your partner search Now! Celebrate Independence Day with & search your life partner with ease.

Some Interesting Ways to Celebrate First Janmashtami After Marriage

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krishna janmashtami

Janmashtami is one of the important Hindu festivals of the country and celebrated across India. However, it is being celebrated differently in different states. It has its own significance and importance as festival. It is also popular as Krishnashtami or Krishna Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanti. It is a day when Hindu god Vishnu has taken birth as eighth avatar. You really don’t want to miss this important festival to be celebrated after marriage. If your family is very specific about celebrating this special festival, don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this special occasion and celebration. Here, we are sharing some interesting ideas of celebrating this special festival after marriage to make it more memorable.

Buy new clothes for the Krishna idol: This is one of the most important rituals and no Hindu family forgets to do so. If you too have Krishna’s idol at home, buy new clothes for it on his birthday. Even you can buy ornaments, flute and small mukut with peacock feather for him. You can also buy these clothes from any temple or market. Some of the favorite and traditional colors for the dresses are yellow, green, pink, golden and blue. You can choose a color matching the flavor of the festival.

Decorate home for the festival: To make this day special, you can decorate the home with flowers and lights. This is really a special day and should be celebrated with full swing. You can decorate your home traditionally with flowers, toran and lights or you can make some small theme based decoration. Besides, you can also go for some small replica of that period by decorating your home with small status of gopi’s, gwala baal, cows and villagers to get the feel of the festival.

Arrange Dahi-Handi as ritual: There are many places in our country where people arrange special dahi-handi ceremony for the festival. You can also organize a special Dahi-handi ritual and ask family members to participate. Even you can do that on larger level by organizing something within your block or housing society. You can also organize small competition to enjoy the day to the fullest and increase the fun of the day.

Make Rangoli or use some theme: Don’t forget to make special rangoli on the day. This is something very special and important ritual. Make some traditional rangoli with different colors. You can also make rangoli complementing your home decoration or you can make rangoli with the similar color which you are using for the clothes of idols.

Invite family & friends: No celebration is complete without the presence of family and friends. You can’t imagine even a single celebration all alone. You can invite family and friends to become part of this special festival celebration. Even you can get help of your spouse and sister/brother-in-law for making the guest list.

Organize bhajan shandhaya: To get soaked in the true spirit of this festival you can organize special bhajan sandhaya. On this special day, you can chant special songs of lord Krishna to remember him. Even you can hire special professional singer to perform bhajan sandhaya on that day.

Cook special for friends and family: Most of the people fast for whole day on this special festival. Cook something special for all family members and friends on this special festival. You can make favorite food and some sweet dishes made of milk. Don’t forget to make panjiri for the Prasad. To know what to cook and what not to cook you get help of your mother-in-law and other family members.

Organize small skit: You can also organize some special skit on this day. You can also organize Raasleela or some small skit from Krishna leela and some episode from any mythological book in the remembrance of lord Krishna.

Get dressed like Gopis and Krishna: You can also add some more flavors to your festival by getting dressed like gopis and Krishna on this special festival. Even you can ask your all family members and friends to follow the same dress code on the day. Hindu matrimonial website give wedding profiles of grooms and brides. Free Registration for all! Begins your life-partner search now.

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