Tamil Wedding Rituals: Sacred And Traditional

Tamil Wedding Rituals Tamilians are very much known for their simplicity and elegance. Even if you talk about their marriage rituals, you will feel that simplicity in their rituals as well. However, it is very important and the biggest event of once life, but still they keep it simple yet beautiful. Tamil m

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Kerala Christian Wedding Rituals: A True Feast For Eye

Kerala Christian Wedding, Marriage Rituals Kerala is full of diverse tradition and culture. You can easily find Hindu families, Muslim families and Christian families. These are three major communities in Kerala state. Kerala Christian wedding is very popular across India for its simpl

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Awesome Gujarati Wedding Rituals You Will Find Nowhere!

Gujarati Wedding Rituals Gujrati’s are full of life and they are true heart foodies. Their life is full of colors, excitement and joy. You can’t imagine a single Gujarati wedding is performed simply or without much of fun and fervor. If anytime you will get a chance to attend any Gujarati wedding

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Rajasthani Wedding Rituals: Colorful & Traditional

Rajasthani Wedding Rituals Rajasthani marriage ceremonies are very colorful and full of traditions. There are a lot of pre and post wedding rituals. Generally, Read more.

Vidaai Ceremony: An Important Ritual in Indian Wedding

Wedding Vidaai Ceremony- LoveVivah Indian weddings are known for their lavish arrangements and different rituals. You can’t imagine a single wedding without loads of rituals and big celebrations. The day of wedding is filled with different ceremonies and

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