Beautiful Rituals Of Marathi Wedding Making It A Full Family Affair


Wedding rituals of different states have different customs which makes them mesmerizing. The Maharashtrian wedding is full of different rituals making it more vibrant and lively. In Marathi wedding, most of the wedding rituals and ceremonies are conducted during th

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Nose Ring Is Not Just An Ornament, But More A Cultural Affair


The bride is the show stopper of every marriage and as a bride it is your right to look stunning. As a bride you put a lot of efforts in buying your wedding dress and you want everything not less than best. You buy all necessary and matching jewelry for your weddin

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7 States, 7 Different Wedding Bangle Rituals To Live The Ethnicity

Wedding Bangle for Bride Bangles holds special place in the wedding traditions and you can’t imagine a single Indian bride without beautiful bangles. Bangles are not just ornament or accessories for a bride, but a symbol of being a married woman blessed with full and Read more.

Sikh Wedding Rituals: Mesmerizing & colorful!

Sikh Wedding Rituals Sikh wedding rituals are very colorful, exciting and generally lasts for a week and more. It is different from typical Hindu wedding, where the priest fixes an auspicious date for the wedding, whereas in a Sikh wedding does not follow such traditions. Rather, date of wedding is generally decided mutually by the

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Christian Wedding Rituals: Right Mix Of Traditions & Contemporary World

christian wedding rituals Indian Christian wedding has its own charm in India and an important part of Indian culture. However, the Christian population is very less as compared to Hindu and Muslims in India. The Christian wedding rituals are very simple and sober as compared to other Indian weddings. You can view a visua

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