Don’t Want To Face Rejection In Arranged Marriage Meeting Avoid These Questions

Arranged Marriage Meeting The idea of arranged marriage is really confusing and complicated. When you decided to go for arranged marriage, the whole process is time consuming and daunting. In all arranged marriage set-up, the first meeting with your Read more.

Know What A Modern Woman Looks For In Her Life Partner!

Marriage Life Partner Gone are the days when parents and other family members were not bothered to know the opinion of the girls regarding their marriage. Nowadays, parents are getting friendlier with their female child and ask about her opinion and preferences about marriage. Now women have a very strong position in society and

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Don’t Get Married Unless You Ask These Questions To Your Partner

marriage partner Are you ready to meet him/her for the first time? Marriage is a beautiful thing and to make it successful, it is important that you keep your right foot forward to begin your journey. Making the right move in marriage is really important. But, it is equally important to know whether he/she is right for you or not. It is im

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6 Professional Questions You Should Ask to Potential Partner

Potential Partner for Marriage Communication is very important for every relationship. When you are meeting your potential partner for the first time, it is important that you should ask right questions to him. It will not only give you an idea about how his professional go

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Dazzling Dressing Ideas for Your Sister’s Marriage

Bridal sisters wedding dress We got really excited when you heard about the wedding in the family and especially when you know that it’s your sister’s wedding. On your sister’s marriage one person who will be getting attention from all relatives and friends is you.

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