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5 tips to befriend mother-in-law after marriage

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In India, marriage is not just a bond between the couple but the entire families. Especially in the context of women, they are supposed to build a strong bond with in-laws even if it calls for going an extra mile to please them; though men are still relieved from such expectations. Not to mention, a good bond or a not-so-good bond with in-laws can have a direct impact on your relationship as a couple and on your marriage too.

Since in most of the families mother-in-law would have played the key role binding the family together, influencing the family decisions, handling the chores and doing what all it takes to create a family, hence it becomes all the more important to build a good rapport with her to establish your own position in the new family. In most probability, she can be and will be the one who will help you adjust and settle in the family after marriage.

Here are a few tips to befriend your mother-in-law.

1) Understand her expectations

The way you have certain expectations from your new family and in-laws, they too have certain expectations from you. They are the ones who were instrumental in making your marriage materialize and they will be more than happy to be with you in all odds and evens, provided you respect their expectations. Though the efforts have to be from both ends to make the things work yet no harm in initiating the first step.

2) Respect and admire her

Do respect her for the simple reason that she is your husband’s mother, and now yours too. She has been taking care of your husband since the time he was born till the date you got married to him and that deserves an admiration. Do acknowledge her efforts throughout these years. Once you start showing respect and appreciating her for what all she has done, she is sure to develop a soft corner for you too.

3) Offer Support Carefully

Believe it or not, there are few MILs who want their DILs to be fully involved in household chores from the day one whereas on the contrary there are few who are a bit possessive about their home and kinds of stuff they do and might not release responsibilities so quickly. It is better to understand their psyche and act accordingly. Too much of eagerness to offer support to a MIL possessive about her things might push her apart. Be careful about how you go about it.

4) Confide in with mother-in-law

Your mother-in-law has been an integral part of the family that you have just entered. Don’t make her feel that you are there to take her place. Assure her that you are there to compliment her in all possible manner and make “her” family complete. Don’t let your actions signal otherwise. Don’t let insecurity creep in.

5) Respect and care for your father-in-law

The relationship between a father-in-law and a daughter-in-law is often a neglected one. Though this can be a sweet father-daughter relationship provided you take a lead. Respecting and taking care of your father-in-law will not only help you establish good terms with him but will also help you establish firm grounds in your new family. As it is an indirect way of touching your mother-in-law’s heart. She will be delighted to see someone taking care of the person she loved the most her entire life.

5 Questions to ask during first meeting in an Arranged Marriage

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When your family starts showing you pics of relevant matches and your marriage is one and the only topic of discussion on the dinner table, it is obvious to get nervous and excited with the thought of leaving your own privacy and comfort to settle down with someone who is completely new to you. That’s how an arranged marriage scenario feels like. You meet prospective matches that have come across from various sources like friends, relatives, online matrimonial sites or more. Essentially whatever be the source, the fact that the prospect is unknown to you prevails.

It’s true that your family would have performed checks at their end before taking up the proposal to you. They would have ensured that the family is well off matching own social standards, the prospect is well educated and professionally settled and various other criteria which can be mapped at a superficial level would have been taken care of. But marriage is not just about social, financial & educational equality; it is much beyond that. There are lot many ingredients that go on to build a happy marriage, which probably can’t be evaluated by family.

Here are a few questions that you must ask during your first one on one meeting with your prospective Indian bride/ Indian groom to understand your compatibility with each other before taking a final call.

1) What are your hobbies and interests?

Though it might seem to be a very basic question to ask, a lot can be inferred from the reply you receive. A person with completely opposite interests than yours could be very difficult to live with. For example, if your partner is an outgoing social person and you are an introvert who loves to confine to yourself and your immediate family, then there could be conflicts when you are together.

2) What are your expectations from your partner?

Knowing the expectations of your prospective partner and making your expectations clear at an initial level is always good as it will help you prepare for the future. Moreover, this topic might surprise you with some unrealistic expectations that your prospective partner might have which you may not be capable enough or willing to deliver. Having a clear stand on such things will avoid any future clashes.

3) What are your future goals and plan?

This is again a very relevant question, both from partners’ perspective. It is as important for a man to know the future plans of his lady as it is important for a lady to know about her man. A highly ambitious career oriented lady who is not willing to sacrifice her career post marriage definitely needs an understanding husband. To find such understanding husband or to be one needs a different mindset that still is rarely prevalent in Indian Scenario.

4) Are you ready to accept responsibility towards both families?

Girls are anyhow expected to take up the responsibility of the new family, but whether the boy is also willing to execute his responsibilities towards his new family? Or is he the same orthodox person who believes that his wife should take care of his parents like her own whereas as a son-in-law he would have no moral responsibility towards his in-laws, i.e. his wife’s parents. This will give you an idea about your partner’s mentality and thought process and can a major influencer on your decision.

5) How do you fantasize your relationship with your partner?

This is to get each other’s perspective about your relationship as a couple. Whether you would like to have a friend in partner with whom you can be yourself and open up your heart without any fear. Though this seems to be an idealistic image but the answer can actually tell you a lot about their mindset and behavior.

Matrimonial Search Made Simpler with

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In Indian context, marriage is considered as one of the most important aspect of life. This one decision is powerful enough to change the rest of your life, to best or to worst, depending upon how efficiently the decision was taken after what all considerations. Yes, deciding to get married is one thing but finding a perfect life-partner with whom life can be a beautiful journey is an imperative one.

Gone are the days when relatives and friends used to play a significant role in match making. In present time their role has merely boiled down to attending the wedding and related events, whereas finding a suitable match remains as a key responsibility of the immediate family members only. In order to ease their efforts, online matrimonial websites play a significant role. Though the elder generation still might be a little skeptical about the use of online matrimonial websites as a means to search a matrimonial profile as they are not so internet savvy and their general perception about profiles on these sites is that they are of fake nature.For users with such inhibitions, LoveVivah has created a platform that is very easy to use and completely trustworthy. One doesn’t have to be very tech friendly to use LoveVivah services that are available across Web, WAP and APP. The interface is simple and easy to use. Here are a few features that make it user friendly.

1) A fresh and lively look of the homepage that gives an encouraging statement about the whole idea of finding a perfect life-partner.

2) Search can be initiated directly form the home page without even registering on the site. This gives the user a reason to register once he/she finds multiple of profiles matching his/her preference.


3) Linking of Aadhaar number with the account is a feature that doubly assures the users about the authenticity of profiles that exist on the interface. Any new user registering on LoveVivah has to mandatorily get his/her Aadhaar Number linked to the account. In absence of Aadhaar card, other relevant identity documents like passport, PAN card or driving license can be uploaded to prove the authenticity.


4) Users can be as elaborate about themselves as they want, by giving their personal details, family details, career and education details, etc. Sharing more details ensures a better match that suits the requirement.

5) Photos are another important aspect of any matrimonial profile. LoveVivah provides a facility to its users to upload the best of their photos directly form Facebook, which prevents the user from the hassle of searching and uploading each and every photo individually.

6) Users can shortlist the profiles as per their requirement, send them interest and do much more. Interacting with interested profiles is really easy and hassle free, but only for trusted and verified users.

7) All in all, the user experience on LoveVivah is smooth and pleasant. To experience this on your own, visit LoveVivah and register to find a perfect life-partner for yourself or you may also register for your sibling, friend or relative and help them find a perfect life-partner.

Make your Matrimonial Profile Impressive with stunning Photos

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With Online Matrimonial Sites gaining popularity as a medium to search for a life-partner it becomes all the more important to understand that what all goes in to create an impressive Matrimonial profile. Of course it is important to have a strong profile to attract other; strong in terms of career, education, family background and much more, but still the importance of looks cannot be neglected. As the famous saying goes – “first impression is the last impression”, on a matrimonial site your picture plays the role of creating that first impression. It is quite natural to be attracted towards a good looking profile even before going through other details. And once other profile details are also captivating then the one who has been able to create a good first impression wins over.

Hence, we suggest adding as many nice pictures as possible to your LoveVivah profile. In an endeavor to create an easy and seamless photo uploading experience, we have added a feature on LoveVivah to upload photos directly through your Facebook account. Isn’t that interesting! Now you don’t have to search for photos from all over places to upload, rather you can simply login to your Facebook account and select the photos that best reflect your personality.

Upload Photos Directly from Facebook 

fb1Select Photos You Want to Show Others 

fb2Here are a few things to keep in mind while uploading images for a matrimonial profile.

Add several Photographs and let them be your words

Usually people restrict to one or two photographs when adding to their Matrimonial profile. Do not restrict yourself; add as many photos as you can, of course in different settings and could be a combination of pics from in your office, house, a vacation place in different attires like formal, Indian, Western etc.  Try to avoid studio photographs if possible.

Let your Photographs reflect your personality

It is usually seen that people first check the photographs of other matrimony users and then move on to see rest of the details. Try to share the photographs that are reflection of your true personality. This will help others take a better informed decision when shortlisting. Photographs with smiling face are preferred over the serious ones but if that’s how you are, do not pretend otherwise through your photos.

Do not touch up the photographs

Marriage is about accepting each other as they are. And hence the purpose of photos on a matrimonial profile is to let others know you better, the way you actually look like. So stay away from image modification softwares and share the original photos only, without any touch ups.

Traditional Attire for a Tamil Bride

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India is a land of multiple religions with language, traditions, customs and cultures varying at every few kilometers. Amidst these entire differences one thing that remains common is the excitement that prevails in a family where wedding is scheduled to happen. Yes, you got it right! From east to west and north to south, any region that you pick up, you can feel the same enthusiasm and excitement. Tamil matrimony is no exception. Even in a Tamil wedding, who can be more excited than the Tamil bride and the Tamil groom to be?

Well, there are several areas of delight for a Tamil Bride starting from the wedding preparation, venue, decor, honeymoon and many more. Yet, the selection of wedding dress pre-dominates the all.

Tamil bride, one of the most celebrated icons of the Indian culture portrays an image of bridal beauty and elegance. A typical Tamil Brahmin bride is usually seen wearing a 9 yard long Kanjeevaram Saree in hues of bright colors with contrasting borders that have gold threads woven into beautiful patterns. A non-brahmin Tamil bride would wear a regular 6 yard long saree. Hair are done in an elaborate plait and bun combination, draped with flowers and gold ornaments. Tamil bride is adorned with gorgeous looking heavy gold jewelry, especially the ones that are mainly family treasures that are being passed on from one generation to the next.

A few prominent jewelry pieces that adorn a Tamil bride are Metti (Toe Ring), Kolusu (Anklet), Oddiyanam (HipBelt), Vanki (Armlets), Maanga Malai (Mango shaped necklace), Nose Ring or Nose Stud, Earrings, Thalaisamaan (on forehead), Jadanagam (decorating braid).

Metti or toe ring is a ring made of Silver, with two or three line rounds and it is worn in the second and third finger from toe. Kolusu or Anklet made of silver is worn around the ankle. Oddiyanam/ hipbelt is made of silver or gold and is worn around the hip. This not only increases the grace of the bride but also if worn regularly, helps avoid the belly and hip fat. Vanki/ armlets are ‘V’ shaped jewelry pieces with an exclusive design in the center and delicately carved peacocks or florals on the side and are worn on arms. Maanga Malai is a necklace of mango shaped gold pieces, stunning in appearance. Nose Ring or Nose Stud can be a small stud with one stone or a bigger one with 7-8 stones. Even in some families, a heavy nose ring is worn by the bride. There are multiple variations and designs for the earrings which complete s the bridal look. Thalaisamaan is an ornament unique to Tamilian culture and is worn on the forehead on the parting of the hair along the forehead. Jadanagam looks like a snake, worn on the braided hair in an entangled design and there is a Kunjam at the end of braid.

Kanjeevaram Silk Saree along with all these ornaments put together completes the looks of a Tamil bride and sets her to mesmerize all with her beauty and elegance.