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Matrimonial Sites – Combining the merits of Arranged and Love marriage

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There she stood, well dressed in traditional Indian attire with a forged smile of her face, with a hope that this boy and his parents would probably ‘choose’ her as a perfect girl for their family. Yes, it was the fifth time that she was meeting someone, as if she were an object up for sale and people would come, meet her, talk to her, ask some typical type of questions and finally give in their response as a rejection for some reason or the other.

This is not something uncommon in any arranged marriage scenario. Most of the girls would go through such series of events which are quite disheartening and daunting for the girl at least. But that is how searching a life partner for perfect marriage is supposed to be in our society; Irrespective of the ordeal that a girl goes through in the entire search process.

Love marriages on the other hand are a strict ‘No’ in most of the segments of the society, with all its pros and cons. Even though it saves both the girl and the boy from the annoying process that involves meetings, discussions, rejections, heartbreak and more, but being contrary to the Indian culture, is not acceptable at large scale.

Life-Partner search on matrimonial sites combine the positives of both arranged marriage and love marriage. Here meetings & marriage finalization is fully approved by your parents/ family but you do not have to go through the process of meeting anyone and everyone as in case of a typical arranged marriage. Here you can search for profiles based on your requirements and only once you are fully satisfied & convinced with each other, that’s when you set up a meeting and hence reducing the chances of rejection to very minimal.

This is one of the key reasons for the gaining popularity of matrimonial sites, besides the other prominent known fact that nuclear families have less social contacts that could help them find a life-partner in their caste/ community. But still people are bit hesitant while using the matrimonial websites for searching a life-partner. There are certain grey areas which do refrain the users of online matrimony sites from using them fearlessly. Ability to create profile on Online Matrimony sites without any verification leads to creation of fake profiles, which in turns creates a fear to get cheated and hence provoke the users not to trust such matrimonial sites completely.

Matrimonial Website has been created with an objective to provide a genuine platform that is safe and secure for all, built on trust and authenticity of Aadhaar and government body UIDAI. LoveVivah not only brings in the best of technology and search algorithms, but also the trust and authenticity of the platform and the profiles with the help of Aadhaar integration.

Is it really worth spending a hefty amount on Wedding?

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Indian weddings are primarily known for their magnificence and spectacular setups. And why not, it’s once in a lifetime event for any couple and they have huge expectations for their THE DAY. A simple reason for such huge expectations is, being brought up in a society where they have been witnessing and enjoying such large scale wedding since their childhood. But they were never aware of the darker side of such weddings. It’s been widely seen that parents and family of the bride would go an extra mile beyond their limits, to arrange for a super lavish wedding.  Even if that means getting into huge debts just to celebrate that one day and please others.

Here is a million dollar question – Whether to go for a lavish wedding or opt for a simple wedding, keeping it a close family affair? Let’s help you take a closer look at the major areas which contribute to the maximum expense of a lavish wedding:

Wedding dress – Every Bride’s dream is to look like a princess on her wedding day, and she would not mind spending a huge amount on that one dress/ lehenga that is to be worn for not more than a few hours. And probably would never ever be used again in future. Same goes for a groom’s attire as well. Will he is wearing that expensive sherwani or a 3 piece suit ever again? If the answer is no or maybe, then probably the decision to go for an expensive wedding dress should be reconsidered.

Venue & Catering – It is a place that will accommodate all your distant relatives, friends, known and not so known people who would be there just to enjoy an extravagant event and a lavish dinner with elaborate menu options on the card. They all will be there accompanying you on your big day but have you ever thought, would they all be there to support you in time of need? The number would perhaps boil down to less than one percent. Is it worth spending your hard earned money for such people – give it a thought.

Invitation cards – Latest trends on wedding invitation cards is not just catching the eyeballs but also creating hole in the pocket. Fancy invitation cards accompanied with sweets / dry fruits/ a gift box look really appealing and though there is no denial to the fact that the receiver will appreciate such invitation, but do you really think it will make any significant difference in the feelings of the host or the guest? Will this card be there with the receiver for the life time? Surely NO! Then why to invest highly on them?

Gifts & Favors – Last but not the least, presenting gifts to everyone attending the wedding forms a significant part of the Indian wedding. Believe it or not, the value of the gift is judged in monetary terms only. The one who receives the gift might or might not value the gift, but whatsoever be the case, you would have already spent a lot on the gifts. So, what do you think? Is it really worth spending money on these gifts?

For a bride or groom belonging to upper class of society, all these expenses might look miniscule when compared to the pleasure they offer, but still, the need and importance of these affairs is debatable. For a middle class Indian bride or groom, it is much beyond the debate, as every extra penny spent is likely to hit on your budget. The same amount can probably help you ease your day to day life expenses.

Its about the priorities that the couple and their families set for themselves – whether they want to spend wisely or just spend to please the society – worth giving a serious thought!

Most Romantic International Honeymoon Destinations for Romantic Tadka In Your Married Life

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Are you excited about your honeymoon, but worried about your budget? Do you think a good and lavish honeymoon could be enjoyed only by spending hefty amount? If you think that you can’t plan an international honeymoon destination within budget, then probably you are wrong. There are plenty of international destinations you can explore for your honeymoon within your budget. You would not believe that you can easily plan your international honeymoon without creating hole in your pocket.  You are just required to set your budget and select a destination matching your spending limits. Don’t worry; we are here sharing some most romantic international honeymoon destinations you can explore within your budget.

Gorgeous Greece: This gorgeous white and blue international honeymoon destination is a perfect choice for newlywed couples. Clear waters, sunny beaches, romantically lavish resorts and pleasant climate makes Greece a perfect honeymoon destination. This is a perfect choice for all honeymoon couples to enjoy the most romantic honeymoon within budget. Dive between the two skies with your love as you witness the beautiful corals and the stars shine upon the clear waters. Enjoy some candid moments with your wife and walk hand-in-hand on the glittering beaches and enjoy some mouthwatering cuisines. You can easily plan your honeymoon for this international destination within Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The best time to visit this scintillating destination is mid-April to mid-June and September to mid-October.

Magical Seychelles: Seychelles is a very magical place. You should plan your honeymoon trip to this international destination if you are looking for romantic getaway. This place offers you beautiful sandy beaches and pleasant climate. The place is not very crowded, so you can spend some magical moments with your spouse. This is a perfect international honeymoon destination for honeymoon couples. Stroll through the virgin rainforests with your love, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in water sports activities to add some fun and excitement in your honeymoon. Here, you can stay at some luxurious resort villas or at some hotel as well. This is very cost-effective honeymoon destination. You can plan your trip to this place within Rs. 2 lakhs and there is no specific time to visit this place as you can visit this throughout the year.

Romance in Morocco: Morocco is the right honeymoon destination for you, if you want to enjoy your honeymoon in desert. Relax with your spouse and enjoy the sunset while sipping the mint tea. Enjoy the romantic moments with your partner under the star lit sky. The best time to visit this romantic honeymoon destination is April to May and September to October. This foreign honeymoon tour can be planned within a budget of Rs. 1 lakh.

Scintillating Turkey: Turkey is one of the most gorgeous international honeymoon destination. You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, shop at various shopping centers. You can plan your luxurious stay at beautiful resorts and enjoy the scenic beauty of this budget honeymoon destination. The place is full of excitement and thrill, a perfect choice for those who want some adventure on their honeymoon. Enjoy a ride in hot air balloon and relax your senses in couple spa. You can plan your honeymoon trip within Rs. 2.5 lakhs and the best time to visit this destination is June to September.

Exotic Maldives: If you are too exhausted after your wedding ceremonies and looking for a honeymoon destination where you can rejuvenate you senses, then Maldives can be a perfect wedding destination for you. This exotic and charming destination is just perfect for you. While your visit to this place stay at some luxurious villas and resorts. To enjoy your honeymoon here you are just required to pay between Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 1.5 lakhs and the best time to visit this exotic destination is from November to April.

Luxurious Vietnam: Are you looking for low budget international honeymoon destination, but don’t want to compromise on luxury? Vietnam is one place for you where you can experience all luxuries on your honeymoon within your budget. Enjoy some romantic moments with your partner at beautiful beach. The best time to visit this place is November to April. You are not required to pay much on your honeymoon during your visit. You can plan your visit to this place within Rs. 1 lakh only.

Looking for more responses on matrimonial profile? Use smart tricks to send interest

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Have you already created your matrimonial profile, but not sure how to send interest and receive more responses on your interest? If you are also wondering how to express your interest on matrimonial website to get the positive response from other registered members, then you are at right place. Welcome to the bachelor’s club who are nervous, excited and confused at the same time because it is not easy to approach someone for the marriage purpose. Approaching a prospective life partner and expressing your interest is first and important step where you can’t afford to go wrong or take any risk. But, it is a nerve-wracking experience for most of the people because most of the people find it awkward. Here, we are sharing some smart and simple tips and messages to express interest on different matrimonial profiles before you take your interest to the next level with your prospective partner.

Sample interest of professional: “Hi, ABCD, I found your matrimonial profile very impressive and I strongly believe that your profile is matching my partner preferences and suitable for me. I am 30-year-old, Financial Analyst living in Gurgaon. I have recently created my profile with I really liked the information you shared in your profile. Please review my profile and let me know if you too are interest in my profile.”

Sample interest of career oriented women: I am a 26-year-old Fashion Designer. I am based out of Mumbai and belong to an upper middle-class family. My family is based out of Kota, my father is a businessman, and runs our family business of antiques and carpets. I am looking for a life partner who is professionally settled with good family background. I am very passionate about my career and want to continue my career after marriage as well. I am looking for someone who would respect my professional aspirations and will support me in my career. I found your profile meeting my expectations. I will be delighted if you can review my profile and get back to me with positive response.

Sample interest of software engineer: “Hi Rashmi, I came across your profile at and liked your profile very much. I wanted to fix a time to talk to you/your parents if you find my profile suitable and meeting your partner expectations. My brother has created my profile and most of the time manages my account too. I will be happy to answer your questions if you have any before we move forward and take the next big step.”

Sample of generic interest: I reviewed your profile and found that we have a lot of similarities and common expectations from our prospective life partner. Please review my profile and let me know if you also find my profile interesting. It would be better if we can chat or have a telephonic conversation before we move forward and take the next step. You can call me between 5PM to 7PM if you find it suitable. Else, you can also drop me a message. I look forward to hear from you.

Sample interest from boy: “Hi Parul, I checked your matrimonial profile and I am very impressed with your professional background and educational achievements. I am from a Brahmin family and belong to Banaras. Presently, my family is based out of Pune, where I am working as a Senior Manager at HCL. I love playing badminton and I am kind of workaholic. I am looking for a partner who is also passionate about her career. I found many similarities in your matrimonial profile. If you too find my matrimonial profile interesting, do send me a note/message. Best Regards.”

Sample interest by parents: Dear Madam, I checked profile of your son and I found his profile interesting. It can be a good match for my daughter. She is presently working as Sales Manager in an MNC in Bangalore. She is very thoughtful, cultured and highly educated. I am a Senior Manager at Bank of Baroda and my wife is a housewife. My elder daughter is married and settled in Germany. Please review my daughter’s profile and do get back to me.

Sample interest by sibling to parent: “Dear Sir, can you please review the profile of my brother and let me know if you find it suitable for your daughter. I am elder sister of Rohit Singh, who is presently working as Project Manager with Infosys at Bangalore. He has completed his MBA from IIM Calcutta and Masters in Business Management from University of California, USA. He an extrovert, has a modern outlook and very flexible towards things. I will be happy to share more details about our family and social background if you find my brother’s matrimonial profile matching your expectations.  

Easy tips to book hotel stay for your honeymoon within your budget

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In India for booking your hotel stay, there are four seasons: Summer, Winter, Monsoon and Wedding season. During the wedding season you will see most of the luxurious hotels are pre-booked. In such a situation, it gets difficult to grab the best deal for your honeymoon stay. Therefore, to avoid any last-minute hassle you should try booking your luxurious hotel stay in advance to make your honeymoon romantic and memorable. Early booking will also help you in considering different options and grabbing the best deal within your budget. Here, we are sharing some interesting and easy hacks to book your honeymoon stay within your budget.

Consider different options: Before you seal your honeymoon destination, consider different locations and options. Always consider two-three different options as your honeymoon destination, so that you will easily get a good deal at least for one destination. Even with hotel booking always look for two-three different options. Always consider different options and compare them well before you book your hotel stay. Relying to single source and single option might land you in trouble if it is pre-booked.

Start your search early: If your wedding date is fixed well in advance, start searching your honeymoon stay as early as you can. Try to start your search at least two-three months in advance to get the best deal. It is always better to start early and book your favorite stay with all required luxuries in your room. It will help in getting discount as well because if you book early, then there are chances that you will get a luxurious honeymoon suite at a very moderate price.

Be flexible: While booking your hotel stay, it is always better to be flexible with your options. If you are too specific about your room stay and luxuries there are chances that you will face disappointment. It is always better to stay flexible in your approach. If no luxurious hotel is available at your preferred honeymoon destination, then either switch your location or look for some other options like resorts, luxurious villas and something different to enjoy your honeymoon.

Consider the luxuries: This is another important factor to consider before you book your hotel stay. Always look the  itineraries and facilities they are offering you on your stay. Are they offering you enough luxuries? Are they offering you complimentary meal, drinks and other things. If they are offering you all required things within your budget, then you can consider the deal.

Use your visa power: Most of us have at least one or more credit/debit card. Materialize the benefits offered by these credit/debit cards. There are credit/debit card offering benefits like free miles, discount on five star hotels stay, special discounts on selected restaurants and much more. So, maximize the benefits of these credit/debit cards to enjoy more benefits at lower price.

Redeem your card points for further discount: This is another benefit you can enjoy with your debit or credit cards. Most of the cards offer you some power points, which you can redeem for different things and benefits. Even some cards offer special benefits and offers to their special and elite clients with one-day free stay in five-star hotels or something similar. Use such benefits to reduce the cost of your luxurious hotel stay.

Check images before you book: Check the images of room before you book your hotel stay. It is always good to look at images of room and facilities offered by the hotel, to get a better understanding. It will give you sense how the room looks and what are the facilities it offered along with the view from the room.

Ask for discount: Asking for a discount for your honeymoon stay is welcomed by many hotels and even when you tell them you want to book a room in their hotel for your honeymoon, it might be you will get the most luxurious hotel room at a decent price. So, don’t forget to mention that you will be there for your honeymoon and get the best price.