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What to expect at your first matrimonial meeting with the bride/groom and family?

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Most of the Indian families are now relying on Matrimonial sites to find a life-partner for the eligible members of the family. Even would-be Indian Brides and Indian Grooms register themselves on the Matrimonial sites, who are crucial in bringing many couples and families together for a perfect union. These sites provide freedom to choose from some prospective interested brides and grooms.

But before such an event culminates in a successful  matrimonial relationship, there is a dreaded first meeting between the bride and groom along with the families. The first meeting is elemental in deciding whether to go forward with the relationship or to look at other prospects. In Indian communities, matrimonies are still arranged and finalized by the families of the bride and the groom.

Today, social media is the best way to get to know the background of any person before the actual meeting. Posts and friends convey a lot about a person. Do your bit of homework before you even take it to the next level of a personal meeting.

Unlike in the olden days, matrimony sites give the younger generation comprehensive background information of the prospective bride or groom. Usually, the ice gets broken by the series of general questions regarding – Job, family background, siblings, etc. the understanding between the couple is of utmost importance.

Meet in an informal setting-

It is always better to organize such meetings at a casual place where it is easier for both the families to talk and get to know each other. It is usually better to have such meetings at a neutral ground, such as a restaurant than at home. First-time meetings are an ice-breaker so keep it casual.

Let the conversation flow naturally-

Rather than making things too awkward and uncomfortable for both the parties, allow the discussion to take its course. Once both sets of families are relaxed and get to know each other, they will figure out a common interest which will take-out any awkwardness of the first meeting.

Insist on a personal talk-

It is always important to have a private conversation. It might feel bizarre to ask personal questions to a stranger, but it is your life, and you have absolute right to ask all the relevant questions before taking any decisions. Not all families agree on this matter as it is the first meeting, but there is no point to have a second meeting if you feel that this person is not for you.

Go with the gut-

Your instincts will never let you go wrong. Human instincts are the strongest when they meet anyone for the first time. And first impressions are always proved to be correct.

Find common interests-

Yes! It is also one of the most important things to find out in the first meeting. Opposites attract but only like-minded people can make their relationships work in the long run. Find out if you share common interests or hobbies, it will always add a new meaning to your relationship as you grow older.

In India, the matrimonial relationship is not limited to the couple but extends to the family as well. So, it is essential for both sets of families to be equally comfortable with each other

What to Pack for Your Honeymoon?

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In the commotion of the wedding, we often overlook the need to be prepared for the first trip together. We may be completely absorbed in planning for our wedding, going through various matrimonial sites or related content. As a result, planning for a honeymoon might go on the backburner. And the result may be a haphazardly packed suitcase for your honeymoon. Yes, wedding needs and deserves all your time and effort, but the importance of a honeymoon is something that you must not overlook. It will be your first trip together, as a married couple, and you will be able to spend time together. It will also give you a much-needed break right after your wedding. For the Indian bride and groom, who hardly get a moment together alone, it will be the perfect time for you to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

And, we do not want you to miss the opportunity to make it special or to leave anything important behind. The following is a quick look at all that you need to carry along (or leave back).

Know What Is Suitable

One size does not fit all. What may be preferable for one destination may not work for another. So, do thorough research on your destination and then choose what you may want to carry along. Look for information on the expected temperature range, chances of rainfall, local sensitivities, and the likes. In case you have not yet prepared an itinerary, you should at least know the kinds of activities you might want to be a part of. And if you do, check for any specific clothing requirement. For example, for parasailing, you may want to keep a pair of shorts, or if you are the adventure type, then a hiking outfit should go in along with the other clothes as well.

Keep A Formal – Just in Case

Even if you love the idea of being casual in flip flops and walk-in quaint little towns, consider keeping a formal outfit, just in case. You never know when a chance for a formal dinner or a lunch might show up, and you would not want to be dressed in casuals. So, do keep at least one for that special meal!

For Your Feet

Leave some of your attention to the selection of your footwear too. Often, our clothes get all the attention while our feet get none. So, depending upon the kind of honeymoon destination you pick, select your shoes. No matter what you choose, your bag must always include one comfortable walking shoes and one formal pair of shoes (to go with that formal outfit).

Don’t Forget SOS

We do hope that all goes well and you never have the need to use medicines, but, it makes complete sense to keep some medicines for common ailments like fever, stomach infections, or anything that you may be prone to. You would not want to run around in a new place looking for medicines! So, include a just-in-case, medicines kit with your belongings as well.

Honeymoon can be the start of the memories of a lifetime that you will cherish all your life. So, spend a little time on planning for it and enjoy!

Making marriage work for two professionals

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In today’s competitive world, we often find both the partners in a marriage, working. This may be either out of choice or a necessity to live a comfortable life. In either case, sometimes couples may find it increasingly difficult to make things work. With both constantly juggling careers and relationship to make time for projects, travelling, long working hours and at the same time, for each other, there may hardly any time left for each other. So much so, that sometimes we may start to feel matrimony being a hindrance to our career growth and then, things may start to change for the worse.
At the same time, having a partner alongside should only prove to be a blessing, both in the professional space, as well as personal. If you follow our guide, balancing career and marriage should no longer seem to be difficult.

Don’t take work home
This may sound obvious, but in practice, it may be hard to follow. Most of the times, it is not the long hours spent in the office, but lack of attention at home that causes friction between husband and wife. Often, when we leave from office, we carry home our frustrations, our unfinished work and sometimes, even grudges. This may tantamount to venting these feelings on to our partner. Agreed, we must communicate with our partners, but it must not become a practice to dump our negative feelings on the other person.

Another golden rule could be to keep the phone away. Yes, try to keep the evening slot for the both of you. This means no work-related phone calls and no emails, as much as possible.

Keep one day for you both

Allocating and reserving one day for you both is a great idea to adopt and follow. Try doing what you love doing – together, as a team! Whether this is shopping or dining or watching movies together. Do things that you both enjoy doing and it may surprise you how you may start looking forward to that one day!

Divide your chores
Times are changing and so are the traditional roles. We may know this, yes, but it may often become a necessity to remind ourselves once a while. Remember, when both are working, by the end of the day a long day at work is enough to drain you both physically and emotionally. Always be aware of this and try to be as accommodating as possible. Putting food on the plate, for example, should no longer be a task reserved for the typical Indian bride or the bahu of the house. If it must be, then perhaps tasks like clearing the table or doing the grocery etc., can be shared by the other partner. This will hold true even later, when the family grows and when the tasks for bringing up of children must be shared.

Having the comfort that you always have someone to take over, in case you have longer hours for few days is a great feeling. And if you are able to manage your relationship by following these simple rules, you will be thankful for being married.

Make them feel special this Women’s Day!

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March 8th is reserved to make all the precious ladies around us feel more precious.  On this day, we go on celebrating all the courageous and inspiring women around us who are shaping the world towards betterment. The day is also a reminder that so much more needs to be done for numerous number of women whose voice is still unheard and who are not given the freedom to showcase their full potential.

With Women’s day right around the corner, the merriment is on!

There are numerous reasons why we still need to observe this day as a tribute for example Power balance is still unbalanced as majority of power seats are still not women friendly. We still raise eyebrows when a woman takes up kick boxing instead of yoga. Women are still blamed for being raped. Irony! Right? We still judge women for anything they do to feel confident. From tattoos to surgeries- Nothing is judgement proof.

Women are still objectified in most of the movies and that really reflects in real life. There is so much more. From the pay discrepancy that still exists, to many struggles across the world, lot needs to be done. So, this women’s day, let us take a pledge and celebrate incredible ladies, because yes! We do not do it enough.

Cherish all the ladies around you this women’s day and solute to the courage of many. From the one who still struggles to the one who brought in the revolution, let us take a bow.  Take a look at how to make your special women feel cherished this women’s day: 

1) A Promise: Well! This should be budget friendly, but this will work. Make a promise to yourself to cherish and celebrate incredible ladies round the year. If you are a lady, make sure you extend all the support to your special ladies because it is a crazy world out there and you have got to be there for each other.

2) A Spa Day: Women all around the world are perfect planners. They manage career and most of the family and there is no denial to it. She needs pampering for all the efforts. Gift her a spa day to relax.

3) Organizer: Admit it, she makes the best out of her house and her job. Gift an organizer to the women who loves paying attention to the very last detail.

4) Customized stuff: Most women are self-empowering. They can very well take care of their needs. The idea of a gift for women’s day is to celebrate the fact that you have an incredible person around you worth celebrating all day, every day. Buy things with thoughtful messages like mugs, t-shirts or any of that stuff and personalize it. These inspiration messages will always keep boosting the mood.

5) A Desired Gift: Gift something, she has been planning to get. If you know her too well, you know what she needs. If something has been on her mind, work it out and gift it. Everyone loves those kinds of gifts. Right?

Gifts are numerous in number but the only thing that matters is celebrate the fact that you are surrounded by her. Celebrate it every day, because she is special in one million ways.

She is a sister, mother and a wife. Let all important women in your life know that they hold an important and unique position in your life and heart. Let them know and feel that they are special, this Women’s Day!

Tips for a successful beach wedding

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A perfect blue sky, the sound of water breaking on shore with a thud, the sun and the sand! There is no setting quite like this. It must be perhaps for this reason that beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Only an unmatched setting like this can offer you a chance of planning a fun and intimate wedding that you are likely to remember for the rest of your life. Not that the other weddings are less memorable, but frankly, there is nothing quite like a beach wedding. And we are here to help you plan a perfect one.

Selecting the beach 

Both in India and abroad, there is no dearth of beaches that can be perfect for you. Open any travel magazine or a matrimonial site and there will be a plethora of options for you to choose from. One of the prime factors in helping you decide would be your budget. At the same time, we suggest that you look up other factors too –like the weather conditions, availability of hotels and accessibility of the venue before booking the place.

Choosing your outfits

In a peaceful calm of the beach, traditional reds or bright pinks of the Indian bride may seem too much. A setting like this calls for flowing breezy outfits in perhaps warm pastel colors. In fact, you both could even consider ditching those heels for something more appropriate as well!

One tip – opt for a more au-natural look than the heavy make-up one. It is sure to work better in this backdrop.

Creating the right ambience

Although nature is best left untouched, some little additions here and there could really contribute to creating a perfect atmosphere. You could go for a theme inspired by fresh flowers or if it is an evening ceremony, try having some fun with bright colors. We would also suggest exploring the possibility of live background music being played by a local artist. This will complete the setting.

Timing is everything

For an outdoor wedding, timing may be of utmost importance. If it is likely to get very hot around midday, start a bit late. But, it is important to note that while moments are best captured in natural lighting, there is no real remedy for poor light. So, try and time the ceremony to allow the natural lights to illuminate your wedding and the outcome will be fabulously captured pictures.

In fact, it might be a good idea to look for reference pictures of the venue from reliable sources to get a better idea of the dynamic of the place before finalizing it.

Have a plan B

There is no day like your wedding day and so we suggest that you keep a back-up plan, just in case something goes wrong. Make provisions in case it get windy, or in case of any unexpected rain.

If you are able to manage these two factors in particular, there is nothing that can keep you from having a successful wedding.