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Special Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

Gifting Ideas for Roka Ceremony

After all the initial processes of searching bride and groom, and choosing the perfect one, the next ceremony is engagement ceremony or Roka ceremony among Sikh wedding rituals. In Punjabi families, they call it Roka ceremony.  Recently, I got an invitation from my friend for her Roka ceremony. This is one of the most important ceremonies in Punjabi community. As she is a very good friend of mine and I was not very sure what I should gift her on this special occasion. I discussed this with other friends what I should gift her on this special occasion. They gave me different suggestions and ideas. However, the journey of finalizing and buying something special for her Roka ceremony was not that simple. I am here sharing the list of some options which you can also consider to make your journey simple and hassle free.

Gold jewelry: I found gold jewelry is one of the most suitable and apt gift for girl. You can gift an elegant ring, earring or gold chain. If your budget is higher, you can choose something better for your friends like gold bangles, necklace or diamonds ring for her Roka ceremony.

Skin and body care kits: This is another good option to gift her on her special day. These kits include different products for skin and body care. These are the best to pamper your body and skin before marriage and feel happy. There are various skin care and body care kits available in the market from different leading brands. Moreover, you can get a kit customized according to your requirements and choices.

Make-up kit: This is hot favorite of all girls. You can buy a nice make-up kit for your friend. You can buy a regular make-up kit with different items. But, you can also customize your make-up kit as per your requirements. You can add or remove some items if you want. These make-up kits are available in different price range from minimum Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 and more.

Microwave oven: This is something a choice based gift. If you know that your friend loves to bake things and she is good at it. This will be a perfect gift idea for this ceremony. You can gift her microwave which she can use after marriage in her new home and bake something mouthwatering dishes for them. You can buy a good microwave from any leading brands like LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Samsung and Phillips, etc.

Digital camera: If your friend is a good photographer or photography is her hobby, go ahead and gift her digital camera. This will be one of the most desired gift for her. There are various cameras available in different price range from minimum Rs. 3500 to Rs 1lakh or more. So choose a camera suiting your budget and meeting her interest.

Dinner set: Dinner set is very useful gifting option. Buy a nice branded dinner set for your friend to gift her on Roka ceremony. You can choose a dinner set of minimum 13 pieces to 56 or 60+ pieces. Dinner sets are available in different material and price range. So, chose a set that you think is the best to gift your friend.

Handbag: Handbag is something, which is very much loved by all the girls. For girl’s handbag is like a dress that you never had enough.  You must know the taste and choices of your friends, so you can give her nice handbag. Decide the pattern or style whether you would like to give her party clutch or an office handbag. Make your choice smartly to make an impression.

Spa voucher: To pamper her and relax her senses and body you can gift her spa voucher. You can also gift her a couple spa voucher as well if her marriage date are within three months to enjoy some special time with her spouse. Most of these vouchers are valid for three months at least. So, gift her something to pamper her and take a break from hectic schedule. Punjabi matrimony website gives brides and grooms resumes for marriage. Find your life partner with Aadhaar matchmakings from Sikh matrimonial profiles.

Muslim Wedding Rituals: Sacred and Mesmerizing

Muslim Wedding Rituals

Muslim wedding rituals are very sacred and colorful. If you got any chance to attend any Muslim wedding, you will realize that their wedding rituals are very simple yet elegant. They call their wedding as Nikah. It is an urdu word. The wedding rituals of Muslim matrimony may differ from region-to-region. We are here sharing some sacred rituals of Muslim wedding/Nikah to know it more closely.

Istikhara ritual: This is one of the most important wedding rituals for Muslim community. During this wedding ritual, the religious heads of the Muslim community come together to pray to Allah to seek his blessing to commence the wedding rituals.

Imam-zamin ritual: In this sacred ritual, the groom’s mother visits the bride’s house. The groom’s mother offer some gifts to Muslim bride before marriage like silver or gold coin wrapped in silk cloth, sweets, clothes and some other gifts. She ties that cloth with coin around bride’s hand.

Mangni: This ceremony is also known as engagement in Muslim matrimony. During this ceremony, the Muslim groom and bride exchange rings. Both the families also exchange gifts, fruits, dry fruits and sweets. This is one of the most important ceremonies.

Manjha ritual: In this ritual, the bride-to-be wear yellow clothes and a paste made out of haldi is applied on to her face and body of the would-be-bride and groom. After the Manjha ritual, the would-be-bride is not supposed to leave her house until the wedding day.

Mehendi ceremony: This Manjha and the Mehendi ceremonies are attended by very close relatives and family members, which is similar to the Hindu wedding rituals.  In this ceremony, the henna designs are applied on the bride’s hands and feet of the bride as ritual. This is applied to increase beauty of the bride.

Nikaah ceremony: The Nikaah or wedding ceremony can be conducted at the home of bride or groom. They can also fix a convenient venue for the wedding. A Maulvi (priest) in the presence of close family members and relatives conduct the ceremony. The ‘Walis’ (father of the bride and groom) play an important role in the ceremony. During this ceremony Maulvi reads selected verses from the Quran and after that the Nikah-e-Qubul ceremony is conducted after which the Muslim wedding ceremony is considered as complete.

Mehar ceremony: On the day of the Nikaah, the elder members of the two families decide the amount of Mehar. This is a mandatory ritual in which a pre-fixed amount is given by the groom’s family to the bride as wedding ritual.

Nikaahnama: The Nikaahnama is document in which the marriage contract is registered. It contains a set of terms and conditions that must be respected by the both the parties, also gives the bride right to divorce her husband. For the contract to be legal, it must be signed by the Muslim bride and groom, Walis and the Maulvi. Urdu matrimony website provides marriage resumes of brides and grooms. Find for your spouse with Aadhaar matchmakings profiles.

Are You Diet Conscious? Add Some Healthy Food in Your Wedding Menu

Healthy Food in Wedding Menu

Nowadays, you must have heard from your friends, cousins or relatives that I am on a special diet and following my diet routine. All of us want to look fit, slim like our Bollywood ideals. But, during those diet sessions, if you will receive a wedding invitation, your whole dieting and special diet goes to basics again. Most of the foods in weddings are oily and full of calories.  Those who are following some special diet plans return home empty stomach because they don’t find something low diet or healthy to feat. For such health-conscious guests, who count each-every calories consumed, you can add some special food in your wedding menu. If you are clueless then you can take help of your wedding planner to get the best list of some healthy wedding menu. Here we are sharing some of the popular diet dishes for your health-conscious guests.

Live counter: Live food counters are blessing for all those who are on a special diet. You can mix your favorite food and mix them according to your choices. You can have vegetables, seasonings, herbs and oils and let your guests enjoy the food.

Tandoori counter: Tandoori food is all time better than the fried and oily snacks. You have different tandoori dishes with lesser oil. So having a tandoori snacks counter for the guest is really good option.

Salad counter: You can have a lavish salad counter for your guests. You can have different types of salad for all those guests who are diet conscious. Think about some yummy and interesting salad options for your guests.

Different healthy dishes: Choose some healthy and nutritious food for your guests. These different cuisines offer you healthy foods.

South Indian dishes: You can have a South Indian food counter in your wedding. You can have counters of idlis, oil-free dosas and other South Indian dishes for guests.

Soups: You can also have soup counter in your wedding. There are plenty of options available to offer the guests. You can offer them Indian, Chinese and other soups.

Chinese dishes: Chinese dishes are another good option for those who are diet conscious. You can offer them vegetable soups, steamed and sautéed vegetables with steamed rice. Steamed fish/chicken with lots of vegetables and mushrooms.

Mexican dishes: You can also offer salad and Mexican soups to your guests. These are low diet and healthy as well. You can also offer burritos and fajitas, chopped vegetables and salsa beans.

Japanese dishes:  Japanese food is another good option for those who are diet conscious. You can offer Miso soup, sushi, seaweed salad, steamed and sautéed vegetables, and grilled fish and chicken. Tamil matrimony portal gives profiles of brides or grooms for marriage. Search suitable life partner from Aadhaar verified resumes.

Gift Something Unique to Your Sister-In-Law on Her Birthday

Gift for Sister-in-Law on Her Birthday

Are you really confused about what you should gift to your sister-in-law on her birthday? You always want to gift her something unique and new. It is always fun to have a sister-in-law with whom can mingle and enjoy. You spend whole day with her and now she is part of your life and family. You never want to miss that chance of making her feel special. Go and buy something really amazing for her on her birthday. This is your chance to show your love and affection to her. Here, we are sharing some really amazing gifting ideas with you.

Gold/diamond ring: This is the best way to express your love and care for her. You can gift her nice and amazing gold/diamond ring for her. If there is no limitation for the budget, this will be a perfect gift to bring smile on her face. You can buy a ring according to her personality and choice. If she likes gaudy jewelry, then a ring with diamonds will be perfect. But if she like simple jewelry, then a ring band or simple ring with solitaire will be right choice for her.

Some personalized gift: You can gift her some personalized gift. There are plenty of options to be picked up as personalized gift for your sister-in-law. You can buy coffee mug with some special message, picture frame, pen holder, key ring, cushion cover, night lamp or something similar with a personalized touch. Get a personalized message printed on it and show your true feeling to your sister-in-law.

Branded handbag: This is one of the most loved gifts. For all ladies, handbag is something similar to dresses. You love to buy more and more and one for every reason and occasion. You can gift her some good branded handbag matching her lifestyle and taste. There are plenty of brands, designs and patterns to choose from as handbag.

Some hobby gift: This one is really personal and special. If you know her well and you know about her hobby and interest, then you can surely buy something of her interest. You can buy some musical instrument if she loves to play. You can gift her Kindle if she loves to read. Try to know what interests her most and buy that special gift for her.

Lovely perfume: If she loves to wear different fragrances and she never forgets to apply perfume before leaving home, buy a lovely perfume for her. This is the best time to gift her something of her choice. Buy nice perfume of good brand like Davidoff, Forever, Kenzo, Gucci, Calvin, and Guess, etc. Choose a fragrance matching her personality and taste.

Wrist watch: Most of the females wear a watch as a style statement. For them it is another accessory. You can buy a trendy wrist watch for her if she loves to wear this. There are many brands which offer stylish and elegant wrist watches and some are really too nice to compliment your personality. Some of the top wrist watch brands are Gucci, Rolex, Titan Raga, Guess, Diesel, and Fossil.

Body care kit: We all love to pamper ourselves. This is one thing which all females love to do. You can buy a body care kit for it. There are various options to include in a body care kit. There are many body care kits available meeting different requirements. Besides, you can also get a personalized body care kit by including the things of your choice.

Make-up kit: You can’t imagine a female stepping out of home without make-up. Be it minimal make-up such as eye-liner or kajal or lip-color. Still, you will find something or other in her bang and dressing table. This is will be a perfect gift on her birthday. You can gift a make-up kit or make-up hamper to her. Buy her favorite make-up items and body care products from her favorite brand. Tamil matrimony website offers profiles of brides and grooms for wedding. Search for perfect life partner Aadhaar verified matrimonial resumes.

Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon Booking & Travel

to Save Money Honeymoon Booking Travel

When I was planning for my honeymoon one of my biggest worries were funds. I was short of funds, still wanted to plan something nice for our honeymoon. I discussed with my friends and cousins about this. I always want to plan something nice, but within shoestring honeymoon budget. Honeymoon is something which you want to make really awesome and don’t want to go wrong with it and my plans were also similar. I also had a lot of plans about my honeymoon as this was the first vacation which I was going to enjoy with my spouse. In my honeymoon planning, I used some simple tricks and able to save more money. Here, I am sharing some of my money saving ideas with you for your help.

  1. Always book your honeymoon tickets with travel reward credit or debit cards. If you have a travel reward card, then avail its benefits on your honeymoon. These travel cards offer free miles or good discounts on flight tickets. So, use these cards for travel ticket booking.
  2. Avail your rewards points and enjoy some more discounts on your bookings. If you travel frequently, you can also save some rewards points or loyalty benefits for your honeymoon trip. You can use those loyalty rewards and benefits to get discount.
  3. Fix a honeymoon budget and try to stick to your budget only. Always plan in advance what is your maximum or minimum spending limit. Try to book and plan everything within your budget.
  4. Save money for your honeymoon. This is another thing that you can do. If you know your marriage date and you know about your honeymoon start saving some money for your honeymoon. Fix an amount and save that amount religiously till your honeymoon. Enjoy some more financial liquidity on your honeymoon.
  5. Book your travel tickets and hotel in advance. If you know your travel dates, it is better to book your honeymoon travel tickets and hotel rooms in advance. If you book your travel tickets in two or three months advance, you will be able to save good amount money on your ticket and hotel booking.
  6. Plan your travel in off season. It is good to you plan your honeymoon in off season. For instance, if you are planning to visit Goa on your honeymoon, try to travel during off season like February or March. If you travel during off season you will get slashed price on your hotel and other things.
  7. Compare all honeymoon packages before booking anything. This is very important to compare different prices of honeymoon packages. If you are getting a better deal from travel agent, then don’t hesitate to book it. It you think that you are able to save more money by booking individually then go ahead and book it.
  8. Make it short. It is important that you plan your days consciously. If you are planning to book your dates for a longer time, then cut it short for a week or so. It will also help in saving some more money on your honeymoon.
  9. Avoid fancy and lavish dining on your honeymoon. However, fancy and rich dining excites all on their honeymoon. But, it is better to enjoy the normal kind of dinning in a not so expensive restaurant.
  10. Book decent three or a four-star hotel, rather than booking a lavish five-star hotel. As there are many decent hotel in three and four-star. It is not mandatory to visit a five-star hotel on your honeymoon. As you will be able to save more money on your stay as well. Punjabi matrimony provides wedding profiles of grooms and brides. Check for Aadhaar verified matrimonial resumes for perfect life partner.