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Want To Go For A Flower Wedding? Plan Well


You can’t imagine a single wedding venue without flower decoration. Do you want to go for some special flower decoration or want to make to flower wedding? A flower wedding is something where you can see flowers everywhere and flower decoration dominates everything in the wedding venue. You can go for a theme flower decoration or you can go for special segmented flower decoration. The right kind of decoration and perfect choice of flowers can create magic on your wedding day. Let’s take a look at how to plan a magical flower decoration for your wedding day.

Talk to different flower decorators: While planning your flower wedding, don’t finalize the one whom you meet first. It is always good to talk to at least four to five different flower decorators and understand their style of working and decorations.

First look at their work: Before saying yes or no to anyone, it is always good to see their work first. There are many decorators who have their websites, they display their decoration images on their websites. Besides, most of the decorators have their album as well. So, go and check their work before making your mind.

Ask for different theme: These flower decorators create different themes and designs for wedding venue as they are expert in that. If you have any ideas you can share your ideas with them and they can show the sample decoration. They create different themes on different concepts mixing their designs with different items and props. So, look at different options and choose the best.

Decide a budget: It is always better to decide a budget to arrange everything within your pocket. You can ask decide a budget and then talk to different decorators to provide you the best services within your pocket. These people are really experts in their work and they offer the best services within the budget.

Compare and negotiate the price: Comparison of price is always good to save some money. If you want to save some more money always compare the quotes of different vendors not only the price, but the kind of services they are offering.  Always negotiate with the vendor to get some more discounts on the quoted prices.

Less is not always enough: Most of the time we believe that less is always more, but when it comes to decoration and flowers more always appear less. So, think before finalizing your decoration theme, how many flowers you require and what will be the theme.

Consider the flower colors: Flowers are available in different colors and sizes. It is good if you decide a color theme or you want mix bunches of flowers or you want some internal flowers on specific areas like stage, mandap or some other sections of the wedding venue. You want single color theme or multicolor theme. Decide your color theme first before you finalize your decoration.

Consider the season: Always consider the seasonality. It is a big thing when you go for a flower decoration for your wedding venue. There are some flowers which come only in specific season or months and there are some flowers which are available throughout the year. So, if you are asking for some off season flowers, so it will increase the cost of decoration.

3 Matrimonial Profile Descriptions For Modern Men Profile

Writing a matrimonial profile is not an easy task, you need to write it smartly and intelligently. Just think about those parents who are worried about the marriage of their kids who are in marriageable age. You create a matrimonial profile to ease your search journey. But all you efforts go in to waste when you don’t receive a single good match or invitation from other members. You need to put a little effort in your profile description and showcase the best in you. Most of us write the stereotyped profiles and failed to attract on these sites. Don’t copy paste the profile of someone else as there is no surety that she must be having the similar kind of attitude and traits. Let’s take a look at five different matrimonial profile descriptions for modern women.

Self-made businessman with passion for fitness:  I am a self-made man and have been through a lot of challenges in life. I am 5’10” tall with medium built. I am fitness freak and can’t imagine a single day without work out. It gives to mental and physical strength to deal with different challenges in life. I travel a lot to meet my customers and to get new business alliances. I am adventurous and love surprises. I love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. I believe that every day is a new day and there is scope of improvements in everything be it work or personal life. I am always curious to learn new things in life and curiosity encourages me to experiment. Playing cricket is another passion and I pursue that whenever I find time during weekends or weekdays. I love to stay updated with latest affairs and business issues. My family is my support and strength.

Architect with believes in religion: Building something new with sand and mud was a childhood game, but now it is my passion. I am an architect by profession and passionate about my work. I create designs for office spaces, hotels and even for houses. I am tall, whitish and my friends and family call me chubby-chubby. I am creative and out of box thinker, this ability helps me in profession and delivering the best to my clients. My friends call me ‘Mr. Reliable’ and I am always there for my friends any family. I am strong follower and believer of God Shiva and always start my day with offering prayers. It gives me a kind of mental piece and satisfaction. I love simple food with less-spices, but I love to cook and experiment with food. I have visited almost all Lord Shiva temples in India and want to explore the remaining ones in coming years to satisfy my spiritual craving.

Digital media manger with good sense of humor: I am originally from Maharashtra and presently living in Bangalore from last 6 years. I am 6 feet tall with moderate built. I am foodie and can’t imagine a single day without spicy mouthwatering food. My job as software engineer has taught me lot from being patient to keep the cool in the worst and complicated situations. My job always keeps me on my toes as I am always learning new things to improve my skills and knowledge. I love humor and it is my energy dose for dealing with toughest situations with ease. I love to laugh and make people laugh and happy who are around me. I am communicative, supportive and love to socialize with friends and other people. I always stay connected with my family and frequently visit them.

Don’t Want To Fight With Your Spouse? Use Simple Ways To Avoid It

Fight With Spouse

There is no couple in this world who will say that they never fight or they never had any fight or argument. Fight with spouse is very common and it is part of married life. Sometimes you fight on serious topics and sometime you fight on irrelevant and not at all worthy. Even the couples who are happy in their married life still have different opinions and thoughts. Arguments are not bad if they are done in a healthy way. But, you should always know when it is going on right track and you are sharing your thoughts and disagreement in a constructive way with your spouse and when you are fighting for the sake of fighting with your spouse. Here, we are sharing some simple ways to avoid argument with your spouse.

Don’t fight for the old reasons: When you are arguing with your husband over something always ensure that you are not fighting over the dead topic. Don’t dig the old topics when you are fighting. It will add more fire to your argument and take it to another level altogether. Therefore, avoid old dead topics when you are fighting with your husband.

Decide not to fight: It is not important you fight with your spouse all the time. If you decide that you don’t want to fight with him/her, this way you can easily skip your fight. It is not necessary to fight over each and every topic. At times deciding not to fight with your spouse is also good to avoid unwanted arguments and fights.

Accept the way your spouse is: Always accept the way your spouse is, whether he/she is not doing all the things according to your wishes or how much unorganized he/she is, still accept him/her. It is not necessary to change him/her because you don’t like things the way he/she does. Let them enjoy their individual self.

Discuss things in positive manner: Positive and constructive discussion is always good for a healthy relationship. Discuss things in positive manner. Don’t be judgmental and analytical all the time. Rather than pointing your figure towards him/her or playing the blame game, just speak your disagreement in subtle manner.

Respect each-other’s space & privacy: Most of the couples forget that their spouse has his/her own self and a life beyond them. Respect each-other’s space and individuality. Don’t behave like a detective all the time and ask end number of questions from your spouse. Let him/her enjoy some leisure time the way he/she wants to.

Listen more: Giving solutions or telling your opinion is not all the time important. At times, listing works as healer and you need someone just to listen to your thoughts without interrupting and giving suggestions. When you think that you should not say anything over a topic just listen to your partner and stay quite.

Don’t be loud: Most of the time when you are annoyed with something or irritated, you just become loud or raise your voice a bit without even noticing that you are doing so. It might offend the other one and irritate him/her too. It might lead you both to a new argument or fight. Say calmly and casually whatever is in your mind rather than raising your voice.

Worried About Honeymoon Expenses? Save More Money On Your Hotel Booking


If you have spent most of your savings on your wedding shopping and arrangements and now you are worried about how to bear the expenses of your honeymoon? Don’t worry! Planning your honeymoon is not that difficult if you plan well in advance. In your planning two things are really critical, one is choosing the right destination and another is booking the ideal hotel for peaceful stay. Here, we are sharing some simple ways to save more money on your hotel booking.

Avoid last minute booking: If you already know that you will surely go for honeymoon to your chosen location and you know your departure dates as well, it is always good to book your hotel rooms in advance to save money on hotel booking. If you book your hotel in advance you will pay the discounted amount as room rent. However, the discount varies from hotel to hotel. But, it is always a wise idea to book your hotel in advance.

Set your budget: Before booking any hotel, fix your maximum budget. It is always good to stick to your budget and not to go beyond that. It will help you in saving the money. Don’t get tempted to book a hotel room which is beyond your budget. It is your honeymoon, but doesn’t mean that you spend money blindly for short-term fun.

Call hotels directly: There are many hotels that offer special discounts to customers who approach them directly. Many times these hotels offer different rate card to the promotional websites and offer different price to the customers who approach them directly. If you like some hotel and you are sure that you will book that only, there is no harm in contacting that hotel directly and getting a better deal.

Ask for special honeymoon discounts: You are on honeymoon and there is no harm in disclosing that to your hotel. There are many hotels, which offer special packages and discounts to honeymoon couples. Besides, they offer special services and complimentary gifts as well to honeymoon couples.

Search online deals and packages: There are many online sites offering lucrative honeymoon deals and packages. These websites offer various packages from three days packages to month long honeymoon packages including various benefits like free pick-up and drop services from hotel to airport, free meal and local tours, etc. Therefore, search for online deals to save more money on hotel room booking.

Use your credit card for booking: Most of us own at least one credit card. Your credit card is your tool to save more money when you are doing your hotel booking. There are many credit cards offering special discounts and deals on hotel room booking. There are cards which are specially designed for travelers, you can use such cards to save more on your hotel booking.

Use your card reward points to enjoy more discounts: All the cards offer special reward points to its users. These rewards points can be used in different ways. You can use them to buy products, get discounts on your movie ticket bookings and even to get lower price on your hotel booking. Redeem your reward points to enjoy more discounts on your hotel booking.

Beautiful Rituals Of Marathi Wedding Making It A Full Family Affair


Wedding rituals of different states have different customs which makes them mesmerizing. The Maharashtrian wedding is full of different rituals making it more vibrant and lively. In Marathi wedding, most of the wedding rituals and ceremonies are conducted during the day. The wedding is generally fixed by the both the families after matching the horoscope of would be bride and groom. After perfectly matching the horoscope, they fixed an auspicious date for wedding and other ceremonies.

Shakar Puda rituals: This is the first ritual among all wedding ceremonies. This is very much similar to the engagement ceremony of the North Indian states. The family of the groom offers gifts such as sari and packet of sugar or sweets to the Marathi bride as a ceremony ritual. After this ritual, the Marathi Bride and Groom exchange the rings.

Kelvan Ritual: In this ceremony a special prayer is performed at both, the Maharashtrian bride and groom’s family. During this ceremony both the families offer their prayers to their Kuldevta (family deity). Generally, this prayer ceremony is followed by a family lunch.

Ganapati Puja: In Maharashtrain wedding, all the ceremonies begin after the Ganesh puja on the wedding day. The puja is conducted to seek the blessings of the Lord Ganesha. The bride’s maternal uncle escorts her to the lagna mandap, where the holy verses are being recited by the pujari. After this, the bride and groom are expected to wear the mundavalya on their heads, which is basically a string of flowers or pearls.

Seemaan puja: This is a very special ceremony conducted when the Marathi groom reaches the wedding venue with the wedding procession. The bride’s parents wash his feet and shower him with different gifts like clothes, sweets, jewelry, dry fruits and other things with their special blessings for his new journey with their daughter.

Antarpat ritual: As all marriage ceremonies begins once the bride and groom completes this ceremony, the Marathi bride and groom are not supposed to see each other before this special ritual. They are generally separated with a silk shawl, which is placed between the two of them to create a kind of wall.

Sankalap Ritual: After the holy verses are recited, the couple sees each-other for the first time on the wedding day. All the relatives and guests shower akshata on the couple. After this ceremony, the couple exchange garlands.

Kanyadan ceremony: In this sacred ceremony, the bride’s father gives his daughter’s hand in the hand of the groom. After this, the groom ties a mangalsutra around the neck of the bride and applies sindoor in the centre of her hair parting. Once he applies the sindoor, the bride applies a sandalwood tikka on the groom’s forehead as ritual.

Satapadhi & Karmasampati ceremony: In satapadhi ritual, the couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire and takes the seven holy wedding vows. In this ceremony, the bride is expected to touch the seven small heaps of rice with her right foot. After completing this ceremony the next ceremony is karmasampati, where the bride’s father along with the newly wedded couple prays to lord for his blessings for their happy and successful married life. All this is followed by a grand lunch to mark the completion of the wedding ceremonies.