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5 Most Luxurious & Expensive Honeymoon Suites Around the World

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If you are not worried about money and want to make your honeymoon memorable and luxurious then booking one of the finest stay for your honeymoon must be your priority. There are numerous luxurious stays where you can enjoy the unlimited facilities like celebrities and can enjoy the most royal honeymoon stay. These luxurious suites offer you everything you wished for, like private pools, sun-kissed beaches and culinary staff at your call. These resorts and hotels offer various luxurious honeymoon packages to couples. If spending good quality time with your spouse is your only agenda on your romantic honeymoon and you are not much bothered about money, then these luxurious suites are the best choice for your royal honeymoon. Let’s take a look at world’s most expensive luxurious honeymoon stays that cater exclusively to couples in love.

Pool Villa Suite Beachfront, Oman:  Oman is no doubt a good honeymoon destination and those who can afford to stay in the Six Senses Hideaway hotel are the luckiest. It is rated among the world’s most expensive honeymoon suites for couples. To spend a night in this luxurious suite you are supposed to pay $4000. The price is not too much for those who are looking for a deluxe stay which offers you beachfront oasis, your own infinity-edged pool. Here, you can stare out at the glittering white beach and take your pick from a private wine cellar for your romantic night. It also offers special spa day package for guests to rejuvenate their senses.

Pool Villa Suite Beachfront


Villa Cortez, Mexico: This villa is too luxurious and too big to accommodate almost eight people at a time. The villa offers you a private beach and your own private infinity pool to boot. It has most splendid décor and offers you comfy stay for your honeymoon. To stay in this luxurious villa get ready to pay more than $10,000 for single night stay. Here, you will get a special phone to call your personal butler, the dedicated culinary staff that’s part of the amenities. Spend some romantic moments with your partner viewing the beautiful sea from your private space. This is really a perfect luxurious stay with unmatched luxuries and comforts. Here, you can also relax your senses in your private spa.

Villa Cortez, Mexico


Eiffel suite classic, Paris, France: Nothing can be as wonderful as like a trip to this iconic Parisian hotel. This entire hotel is very romantic and just perfect for love birds. It offers you unmatched facilities and services. Many celebrities have chosen this hotel for their honeymoon. It is decorated in classic style to match up your honeymoon spirit. Here, you will enjoy everything on your stay. The majestic view from the window and lounge is just perfect for your romantic stay. The luxurious room filled with all amenities makes your stay memorable and comfortable. To spend a night in this luxurious and romantic suite you are expected to spend around $6000 per night. If you want to spend a little less than they also have Deluxe Suite available with special romantic packages for couples.

Eiffel suite classic, Paris


The Duhau suite, Park Hyatt, Argentina:  This suite a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a luxurious suite. This suite offers you a personal butler and private pantry, waterproof glass and personal butler.[S1]  If you don’t mind paying good amount for your stay then it is just right choice for you. For staying in this luxurious suite get ready to pay $8000 per day. It has a private entrance, antique furniture and classic décor that will set truly romantic mood. It also offers you a private terrace and breathtaking views along with rain shower. It is perfect for those couples who are looking for a luxurious stay for their honeymoon.

The Duhau suite, Park Hyatt


Terrace suite, Hong Kong: This is ranked among the most gorgeous hotels of the world. It offers the best honeymoon packages to newlywed couples. It welcomes you with style and luxury by offering you champagne on arrival. You can enjoy private dinner and a butler that will cook food on your demand throughout your stay. To stay in this luxurious honeymoon suite you are required to pay $14000 per day. There is nothing that you can mention that you will on your stay in this hotel.

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Some Unique Navratri Gifts for Your Family and Loved Ones

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Navratri Gifts Ideas

Navratri is considered as one of the most auspicious festival and celebrated as 9 days long festival in India. However, it is celebrated in different manners across the country. During the whole nine days you follow different traditions and rituals to receive the blessings of Maa Durga. On this special occasion don’t forget to gift something special to your loved ones. You should gift something unique and special to make this festival memorable for all. Your gift should be something unique and match up with the spirit of Navratri. Here, we are sharing some special gifting ideas with you to gift your parents and loved ones to make this Navratri special.

God Idol: This is one the most favorite and best gifting idea as Navratri gift. On this special occasion of Navratri, you can gift idol of Goddess Durga, or Lord Ganesha or idol of some other goddess. These idols are available in different sizes, shapes and even in different material. If you are not short of money then you can gift silver idol to your loved ones on this special occasion. However, there are various other options available in the market to choose from such as stone, marble, bone china, crystal, brass, copper or something else.  But while buying these idols don’t forget to consider the size in mind.

Puja thali: Navratri is considered as most auspicious days of the year. Being a very special and auspicious festival you can gift puja thali to your friends and relatives if you are planning to gift them something special on Navratri festival. While buying this special gift don’t forget to pick the right size. As too big or too small puja thali will not serve the purpose. So, pick the perfect size which they can use daily or they can use in their mandir. These puja plates are available in the market in different sizes, designs and material. Even there are some plates which come with pre-fixed bowls or compartments to place kumkum, flowers and prasad in it systematically.

Festival lamp: This is something unique and different Navratri gifting idea. You can give traditional lamp or a set of small diyas to your loved ones on this special occasion. You can also gift them a traditional looking lamp without oil and thread that glows with electricity. In these lamps the small bulbs are placed evenly and beautifully. These lamps look really nice and elegant. These lamps come in different sizes, shapes and designs. You can pick from the traditional design to the contemporary. Even you can hang these diya lamps indoor as well to match up with the spirit of Durga puja festival.

Copper Puja Kalash and spoon: When it comes to Navratri puja a few things are integral part of puja like diya, marigold garland, puja thali, kumkum, flowers, kalash, coconut, mango leaves and a few more things. So, if you are planning to gift copper puja kalash and spoon to your loved ones on this special occasion then you are making the right choice. Copper has some auspicious connection with spirituality, so this gift will turn out to be apt for the occasion as Navratri gift.

Home Decoration lights: These attractive and trendy decoration lights are another perfect gift for the occasion. During Navratri, there are many people who decorate their home and mandir with these colorful lights. For this occasion, this home light decoration can be an excellent gift choice. These lights come in different colors, sizes, designs, shapes and shades. You can use these lights indoor and outdoor as well. So make your choice from the various available options. Marathi matrimony site provides grooms and brides profiles for wedding. Join Now for free & search through millions of Aadhaar verified profiles!

Navratri Colors: Look Stylish This Navratri By Wearing Something Special

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Navratri festival colors wearing

Navratri is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals of India. Navratri means “Nine Nights”, and celebration of Goddess Durga in her nine different forms on the scheduled nine days. The Navratri festival celebration is very colorful. People keep fast for these 9 days and enjoy with full enthusiasm. Even in some states people organize Garbha and Dandiya nights. This year the Shard Navratri festival will start from 21st September, 2017 and will end on 29th September, 2017. People follow different traditional norms and rituals during these auspicious 9 days to get the blessings of Goddess Durga. The festival is celebrated with so much of pomp and show across the country.  You would never want to miss even a single chance to be part of this auspicious and colorful festival. Here, in this article we are sharing the different colors and dresses you can wear during the nine days to enjoy the spirit of the Navratri festival celebration.

Wear Yellow on first day: On the first day Navratri wear yellow dress as this is the symbol of prosperity and good luck. You can wear anything in yellow on this day. But, to match up the mood of Navratri celebration you can wear long suit with churidar on the first day of Navratri. You can also wear a bright yellow suit during Durga puja on the first day.

Wear Green on second day: The second day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Durga, who is known for eternal power and energy. She blesses her devotees with good fortune and prosperity. To please the Goddess of purity, wear green color. To look traditional on this special day, wear green salwar suit in silk or in georgette with some shimmer and thread work. If you don’t want to wear something too gaudy then you can also wear something in green with self-print or patterns. Wear any shade of green to receive the blessings of Goddess Durga this Navratri.

Wear Grey on third day: The third day of Navratri is devoted to Goddess Chandraghanta, the third avatar of Goddess Durga. This form of Goddess Durga symbolizes bravery and fortitude. To receive the blessings of Goddess Chardraghanta wear something in grey color. You can wear grey color suit with palazzo or you can wear grey color suit with different color combinations if you want to look trendy.

Wear Orange on fourth day: On the fourth day of Navratri festival we all worship Goddess Kushmanda, the fourth form of Durga. To please the Goddess Kushmanda on the fourth day of Navratri wear orange color. Wear something traditional like chaniya choli in orange or orange with some vibrant combinations like green, blue, black to look traditional and enjoy the festival. You can also wear this colorful orange chaniya-choli in Navratri- Dandiya or Garbhi dance.

Wear white on fifth day: On the fifth day of Navratri celebrations, we offer prayers to Goddess Skandamata. Don’t forget to wear the white color on this special day to please Goddess Skandamata and receive her blessings. The Goddess will bring peace and prosperity in life. You can wear something traditional like white saree mixed with some bright colors like pink, yellow, orange, green or some other shades of your choice to look gorgeous on the fifth day of Navratri.

Wear red on sixth day: On the sixth day of Navratri worship Goddess Katyayani, the daughter of Kata. This sixth day of Navratri is celebrated with devotion to welcome the Goddess on earth. To get the blessings of Goddess Katyayani get dressed in the divine red color. Red color long anarkali suit with yellow or green color combination will be the perfect choice for Navratri festival.

Wear Royal Blue on seventh day: The seventh day is known as Saptami. It has its own importance as many people fast on this day. Even those who haven’t fasted for all 9 days, they do fast on Saptami. This seventh day people worship Kaalratri avatar o Goddess Durga. She is considered to provide protection from all kinds of anxiety and problems. Wear traditional dress like lehenga choli or saree in royal blue on this special day to please the Goddess.

Wear Pink on the eight day: On Ashtami or on the eight day of Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshipped in the form of Goddess Gauri. She is considered as symbol of serenity and beauty and who has the power to wash away all the sins of common man.  On this day, many people offer gifts and other things to little girls to get their blessing and consider them as avatar of Goddess Durga. On this special day don’t forget to wear Pink. You can wear pink suit with green or blue palazzo or long skirt to look trendy and gorgeous.

Wear purple on the ninth day: On the ninth day of Navratri we worship Goddess Durga in the form of Siddhidatri. To receive the blessings from the Goddess wear something in purple on this day. You can wear a purple silk saree or purple georgette saree with thread or stone work to match up the festival spirit. Gujarati matrimony website gives marriage profiles of grooms and brides. Free Registration for all! Start your life-partner search now!

Is Your Wife A Virgo? Know Her More by Her Zodiac Traits

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Wife with Virgo Zodiac Sign

Are you married to a Virgo female? If yes, then you are with the one, who is a perfectionist. These females are known for their perfection and loyalty. Different people have different personality traits based on their zodiac signs. Virgo females have some special personality traits making them special and different from others. The females born under this zodiac sign are really strong and remain loyal towards their life partner. If your wife is Virgo, you must be feeling the warmth of love and compassion. Here, we are sharing some special personality traits of Virgo women.

She is always careful: She is the one who is always careful about things and each and every minute detail. Virgo wife is very organized and analytical about everything. They take care of everything from cooking meal for the family, planning a vacation or a family function. Virgo wife is always careful about things.

Sparkling home: Virgo people are very obsessed about the tidiness. They want everything to be neat and tidy. You will always enjoy and live in the most tidy and sparkling home. Virgo females never like unorganized or untidy things in home. They like to keep things clean and tidy. Even you will never see a single thing in their home covered with the tiny particle of dust or unorganized. You will never see dust even at the most rigid and common places like carpets, bathroom or below the bed, every place is very clean.

Drama is not meant for her: This is really a blessing for those husbands who are married to Virgo females. You will never see them crying or doing emotional drama to force you do something, which she wants. Rather, she will make her point more logical and convincing. Virgo wife always fall for practical and rational things, compared to making emotional fuss over things.

She is your best friends: If you are married to a Virgo, you will always enjoy a good bonding and friendly relationship with your wife. Your wife will be your best friend for life. She will always listen to your thoughts and ideas without analyzing you or being judgmental. She is the one who will always listen and gives you the best suggestion as a friend not as a wife.

No extra expenses: A Virgo women is very good in managing finance. She is very good in keeping eye on the finance and every rupee spent. She never likes to waste money and she will never let you waste money as well. She doesn’t like to spend money on unnecessary thing and she will never appreciate as a wife if you will spend money on unnecessary things. For her, investing money at right place and growing money is more important than spending money on unnecessary things.

Good critic: Virgo wife is not the one who will always appreciate you just to make you happy. But, she is the one who will criticize you if you are doing something wrong. Don’t feel offended as she is not criticizing you because she wants to insult you, but she wants you to grow and become a better person.

Perfectionist in household: Virgo wife is not dependent and passive partner. Rather, she loves to do things in her own way and she is the queen of the home. She knows what she wants and how she wants when it comes to home. While making any decision she keeps everyone in mind and don’t mind to spend hours in planning things for the family.

Doting mother: Virgo mothers are the best and good caretaker. They let her child develop their own identity because as a mother they give you freedom to explore and experiment with things. They always support their child in doing things they want to do and help them to excel. Children under the rule of Virgo mother are well-mannered and well-groomed.

Not social queen: This is very common trait of Virgo female. She doesn’t like to socialize with people. If you will ask her to attend some party or function, she will rather prefer to stay at home and read her favorite book or spend some quality time with kids. So, this is something which most of the Virgo females don’t like. Kayastha matrimony site provides profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Register Now and start your partner search with Aadhaar verified profiles.

Are You Ready to Tie the Knot? First Know the Importance of Saat Phere

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Saat Phere Hindu marriage

You must have noticed in every Hindu wedding, bride and groom take seven wedding vows around the holy fire. They take the wedding vows in the presence of their family, relatives and friends as witness of their holy tie. No Hindu wedding is considered complete without these holy vows. This is the way for couples to confirm their commitment and sincerity to the new relationship they are entering into.

Each of the wedding vows is followed by a Phera or a round around the holy fire. Generally, most of the couples in the excitement and eagerness to complete this ceremony overlook these important seven vows of marriage. These seven vows have special importance and significance in Hindu marriage. Let’s take a look at the deep meaning and significance of these seven wedding vows of marriage.

First Phera: The first step of this journey of togetherness is offering prayer to Lord for nourishment. In this first phera, the bride and groom seek divine blessings by asking the Lord to ensure that they will never be short of food or money in their married life. And, they will not feel deprived of anything they need to nourish a noble and respectful life together. The groom takes vows to provide happiness and support to his wife and their family. Even, the bride also promises to shoulder the responsibilities with him. They pray that they will collectively work towards this goal and respect each-other.

Second Phera: In the second phera, the couple seeks union on all levels-mental, emotional and spiritual. They take holy vow to love each-other forever and they will always remain faithful towards each-other. They pray to God to help them live as one complete being, rather than two halves. Since, they will be partner for life, they seek strength to be able to support each-other in the thick and thin of life.

Third phera: As the bride and groom are stepping into the real world now, they seek blessing of God for their wealth and prosperity. They seek wealth not only for their physical desires or leisure, but for spiritual obligations as well. They also pray God to bless them for the ability and means to take care of their children, educate them and look after their needs. They also take oath for physical and spiritual loyalty towards each-other.

Fourth phera: In fourth wedding vow, they take pledge to respect elders and strengthen their family together by ensuring the family values and build a healthy and strong relationship with both the families. They take pledge to uphold the family values and follow the traditions of family. Besides, the groom expresses his gratitude towards his wife for completing his life and bringing auspiciousness and happiness in their life.

Fifth phera: With the beginning of a new life together, the couple also seek blessing for their future children from the Lord. They pray to Lord to be blessed with healthy, strong and noble children, who will bring good name for the family in the future. They also take the vow to be responsible parents to their children and provide them the education and right upbringing. The groom also promises his wife that he would always see her as his best friend. In return, the bride promises to love him and respect their relationship forever.

Sixth phera: To live a happy and blessed life, the new couple seeks blessings of the God for their healthy and disease-free life. They pray for the strength, so that they can fulfill all their responsibilities properly towards each-other, their family and children. They wish for a balanced and joyful life with each-other in the life journey.

Seventh phera: The final phera seals this holy union is one where the couple makes the promise to love, trust and respect their companion. They take the vow to be good friends for life and stand by each-other in everything. They also promise to remain united through everything in life and will remain truthful and loyal towards each-other and their relationship. Hindu matrimony site provides profiles of grooms and brides for marriage. Free Registration for all! Begins your life-partner search now!