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Indian Marriage with A Foreign Spouse

Indian husband Wife

Marriage is auspicious event for every people living in India. It is regarded as the best celebration time for a family with all the relation members. When an Indian person is searching for a partner for marriage, it depends on her/his choice to selection from domestic and global citizen for life partner. Generally the spouse of the Indian person is an Indian origin family. However, in some cases the life partner will be a foreign national who may be living outside the country. This is special marriage where function can implemented with Indian law or in accordance to the foreign country laws.

Global Indian like Non Residence Indians (NRIs) and global Indian citizens whose family members are wedding with foreign life partner with legal documentation from the country they are living. Normal tradition of Indian wedding are followed in ceremony for presence of both the parents, family members and guests. You can check the list of the legal laws forms before entering to marring a foreign national as your life partner. In case both the bride and groom are living in the same country out of India then it may easier to make the appropriate legal certification for wedding.

For an Indian bride who is looking for a foreign spouse should be acquainted with religion, culture, traditions and climate of her future husband’s country. It can be benefit to easily settle with her husband’s family member after marriage. She should be careful of selection of right candidate before trying to get engaged with official. It will more better to choose global Indian or NRI for her life partner. So there will no hurdle for tradition and family relation to start in the new relationship. Both the groom and brides are belonging to Indian origin then the wedding celebration are overjoying in foreign country.

Indian boy looking for his dream girl can take help of online free Indian matrimonial sites to search good life partner. These sites are providing profiles for brides and grooms from global Indian community from US, UK, Canada, Singapore and Australia. Candidates need to upload their bio-data with profile photograph on the marriage website with online registration. After the register you can search and send respond to selected brides or grooms profile for future communication with family members. They also offer marriage astrologist, wedding planner and working as relationship consultant between bride and groom to make happy marriage.

Goddess Durga’s Nine Days Festival of Navratri


Navratri 4

On the festival of Navratri every Indian are involved in the religious prayer to the Goddess Durga. The Sanskrit phrase ‘Navratri’ stands for nine nights in English which referred to the nine days festival of Maa Durga. The next day (tenth day) of end of the Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra or Vijayadashami. Dussehra is an official holiday and widely celebrated across the all the states of India. For this year Navratri starts from 25th September to 3rd October 2014 with nine day long spiritual fast and prayer for the worship of Goddess Durga’s blessings.

Dussehra festival refers to the victory of Goddess Durga by defeating the demons king Mahishasur on this day. Also on the same day Lord Rama killed Ravana the ten-headed demon king as per the epic Ramayana. It is celebrated with great enthusiastic and fun with the family members. Special arrangements are created at various cities of India with the mood of the cultural function for entertainment. This auspicious day is keeping the faith of the best day to start business, education, home and new start-up as good time. Every year after twenty days from Dussehra the festival of lights ‘Diwali or Deepawali’ will be celebrated.

Navrati comes 5 times in a year which known as Vasanta, Ashadha, Sharad, Paush or Magha Navratri. Out of the above the Sharad Navratri and the Vasanta Navaratri are important festival for celebrations. Sharad Navaratri referred to Durga Puja is called Maha-Navaratri which is celebrated during beginning of winter ‘Sharad’ (September – October month). Vasanta Navaratri which referred to Ram Navami is celebrated during beginning of summer ‘Chaitra’ (March – April month). Vasanta Navratri marks the starting of the Hindu New Year as mythological lunar calendar. Other 3 Navratri are less importance for festival of the celebrations.

The celebration of Navrati has special ‘Garba’ dance in which both boys and girls perform nine nights with dance devotional songs of Maa Durga. This dance is most famous in India and Indian communities living the US, UK, Canada, Singapore in the world. The Navratri fast is observed for nine days without eating any foods during the day time. People take one time food during night after prayers to Goddess. Special kind of Navrati foods is available in the hotels, restaurants during these nine days. Eating of onion and garlic and non-veg foods are strictly avoided for entire days of Navaratri.

For happy family you should have good soul mate which can search for the best brides and grooms from the matrimony sites of India. Wishing a very Happy Navaratri!

Wedding Engagement with Perfect Spouse

Engagement ring for wedding

Marriage is holiest relation which bonds the husband with her wife for life time. So before going to marriage they should be perfectly know each other and family for entering into the deal. Every bride has the expectation to tie the knot with best the best boy who suitable from her life. Similarly groom thinks for beautiful wife with better understanding who can match the step with his throughout the life. In this common system the family of the both side take major steps to encourage the best solution for their relation with the new bride or groom.

Engagement for the bride is the important day in her life because from that day she will have to change mind to go to her new husband’s house. Before the marriage ceremony the engagement is the official settlement with proposal of bride and groom to accept the relation. On the wedding day they the formal function arranged according to the tradition followed by the both the family. It is hosted with party and reception for guest members to be present in the time of marriage ceremony. After the marriage event the bride and groom are declared as the wife and husband respectively.

Selection of candidate for bride or groom depends upon the network and relationship which includes both of their family. Once the candidate is ready for marriage he should be very careful before choosing the opposite gender candidate for wedding. Every girl thinks about the groom should be loving, educated, professional and financial stabilized. Just like boys looking for beautiful bride who will their wife as life partner. So the candidates profile should be matched properly before taking decision for the marriage. It is good suggestion to care the mutual understanding for life time selection between the groom and bride.

Before wedding function the engagement ceremony is the roll-out of documents and paper works for legal system of the marriage function. Although the event of the wedding needs more arrangements to make the marriage successful, it can easier if you can take help of the wedding planner. Marriage consultants, wedding planners, matrimony websites are available to provide necessary services for the brides and grooms looking for their soul mates. Indian matrimonial site offers free and paid facilities to search their perfect spouse. On the service candidates are required to register with details of personal bio-data with contact mobile and email ID for communication.

Happy Ways to Strength Your Marriage

happy married couple

Living with cheers is the best love for the married couples in the family. To keep the wedding luck strong there are ways to adopt for both the husband and wife. Everyone in the world is looking for peace, dignity, moral of the lifestyle to be happy in the society. So we can start facility to accept the glory moment of the person which can utilized as the path of the future. The relation of human being with other human is the sacred faith of the God that must remind to the soul of person about life.

Being happy always to encourage the surrounding to be live with joy are the helping nature of people to define the spirit of the love among the relatives. This can be a frame to the members to accept the good ways to take long distance of running after the human life span. Family values are very important to the every member to coordinate with each other for establishing a healthy relation. Before trying to check out the quality of the life you should carefully about the status of the bond which carries the whole family with happy gesture.

After marriage the relation between the husband and his wife is the strong bond of their life to go ahead. There are needful things should be followed by both the couple to keep happy each one with full respect value. Self-respect nature of the human can be the key factor to drive the marriage life to happy journeying. Husband should keep behavior in loop to maintain the good relation with his lady-love. Wife need to focus on the family requirements and balance everybody with her sweetness talk. Woman has the most important role to keep the family with cheers of relations.

For living with good life in the happy family is great atmosphere to improve the quality of the life of kids. Since the children are younger person who will take the responsibility in the future, we can think better tomorrow with education, health, behavior etc. Woman should takes care the elder parents of her husband who needs the help in the old age.  Proper management of the family member with special active to role of the husband and wife can create an ideal home for lifetime. You should think about the good partner who to be your soul mate before getting marriage.

India matrimonial sites in India are available which offer online registration for searching suitable bride and groom for wedding.

Helping Young People to Find Their Soulmate

India wedding bride and groom

Youth generation is new age candidates looking for their perfect life partner with best of luck for them. Finding a suitable partner can be made easier with help of marriage consultants and online resources available in India. You can consult with local marriage agents in your city with details of your bio-data to preferable candidates for marriage. Also you may take the help of online matrimony portals with your own by registration of your profile on the site. Definitely it will give more positive response to your searching of life partner with better candidate’s profiles on the list.

Social circles and relative are good channels to find the candidates for bride or groom with knowing their profile very clearly. At the same time they can be helpful to act as mediator between the both the families. After good communication with the both family members of boy and girl, there can be decision over the profile selection further. Relatives of your nearest family members and friends can give the reference about the suitable candidates for soul mate. So you can select better profile with education, profession, social behavior for choosing the parameter of the candidates of your future life partner.

There is good option for the candidate to get registered on the marriage portals with latest profile of bio-data. At the time of registration you should think about the proper fill up for name, Email ID, phone or mobile, residential address for contact. Keep update the latest education qualifications, professional job details, salary compensation, working experience on the matrimonial profile. It will enhance the reference of the candidates which to searched by the opposite gender for the marriage. You can add the professional photos with proper format on your profile to be visited online by the candidate’s family members.

Searching a better life partner is priority for every bride and groom because it deeply depends upon their future lifestyle. Before taking any major decision over the candidate you should think about the proper match making which suitable for the opposite candidate for the wedding. Indian matrimonial services are actively providing very good relation to the prospective brides and grooms for selecting a perfect soul mate. At the end we suggest you to be honest for profile data you are sharing with the online community on the matrimony portals for marriage of the candidates or any family members related to you.

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